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The 9 secrets to get more volume in your hair in less than 1 month

It’s happened to all of us… We see the hair of Shakira, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez… and we wonder: how the hell do they get that spectacular mane and volume in their hair?!!!

How would you answer these questions about your hair?

No matter how much you take care of your hair, you never get that heart attack mane and the volume you dream of. YES or NO?
Quite the contrary. Your hair seems to be growing slower than a fatigued snail. YES or NO?
You have a closet full of masks, serums, conditioners, ampoules of all colors and hair treatments and yet you tremble on rainy days because your wet hair seems to have the “honey, I’ve shrunk my hair” syndrome. YES or NO?
You’re at a party and the only volume you notice in you is the volume of the background music. YES or NO?
You go down the street and you see the typical girl with that stunning mane that everyone turns around to watch and immediately your levels of envy skyrocket through the clouds yes or no?

OPTION 1: If your answers were Yes, WELCOME TO THE CLUB! We understand you. We’re 95% of the human beings in the female world. Life is that unfair.

OPTION 2: If your answer was NO, stop reading right now. Enjoy the envy of the rest of mortals like us. But know that we hate you from the bottom of our hearts. :D


Well, there are really only two options: 1. Either the celebrities have come from another planet and have an extra-terrestrial DNA or 2. they have well-kept secrets that no one else knows.

Or wait… What if we try to unlock those better kept secrets than gold?


In order to get out of this great existential doubt, we have consulted hair care experts from all over the national territory and we have asked them for strict honesty and honesty. No disrespect to the truth. Without giving us false illusions or unrealistic expectations. We want the truth and nothing but the truth. What we can do and what we can’t do to achieve more volume of hair in conditions.


1. It’s in the DNA. Sorry.

Unfortunately, a great deal of what we can and cannot do to get that enviable mane is determined by the capillary history of our family. Genes are what they are. That’s all there is to it. According to the renowned stylist Belen Benitez of Howard Kurtz Salon, “The best way to get more volume in your hair without a doubt a word: Genetics”. :(

BUT, you can declare war on our genes and defy the laws of genetics. Let’s see how.

2. Relax…no stress.

Relax and enjoy. Because according to the prestigious hair specialist Anabel Kingsley from the Philip Kingsley clinic in New York and London “stress can accelerate hair loss and lack of volume”.

3. Take care of your food

Hair is part of our body and they are living cells. In other words, it receives nutrients from our body and the vitamins, minerals (especially iron) and proteins that we provide in our diet. Let’s be realistic. A poor diet will hardly result in a super healthy and shiny hair.

The Kingsley clinic discovered that eating at least 120 grams of quality protein daily – which contains all the essential amino acids – at breakfast and lunch is ideal for keeping hair strong and healthy.

4. Use strategy when combing your hair

Just as you can make your already fine hair fall into the “invisible” category with a bad hairstyle and haircut, the opposite is also true. A good hairstyle and haircut can get the best out of your hair in defiance of the laws of nature and genetics.

The Kingsley clinic advises avoiding any type of oils and moisturizing products that clog the hair and reduce the already low volume of our hair. And attention: this also includes abusing the conditioner. For those of us who have scarce hair any type of fat added to the hair eliminates any attempt to achieve more hair volume.

5. Have you thought about some highlights in your hair

For those of us who have fine hair, the Kingsley Clinic tells us that “putting on some mechas can make the appearance of your hair thicker and bulkier because the highlights in your hair thicken the hair structure and add texture to it. Just be a little careful not to overdo the process or burn your hair that would make it more brittle.

6. Don’t forget your scalp

It’s not all hair. The scalp is the heart of your hair. If you neglect your scalp the hair follicles will be unprotected and your hair will never be in optimum condition.

“Adequate treatment for fine hair should never only improve the aesthetic aspect of the hair, but should also focus on improving the condition of the scalp, and even provide an internal nutritional reinforcement to the hair,” says Kingsley.

7. Beware of brushing

If not done correctly, brushing can do more harm than good. A very tight brush on wet and tangled hair can cause the ends to open. So always try to make your brushing soft on your hair. And it always starts from the tips, untangling from the root down to the tips. With mime. Give affection to your hair that needs it well.

You think that’s basic? It would surprise you to know how many women in their desperate attempt to give more volume to their hair abuse the dryer and brute force even to the point of creating a problem such as “alopecia by traction “. From Naomi Campbell to Serena Williams. Please, that anxiety is very bad. No pulling your hair, girls!

8. Hairstyle tips to disguise the lack of volume in your hair

Comb for the other side and the volume of your hair multiplies for 2 instantly.


Super easy trick: Make a double ponytail on top of each other and you’ll create the magic effect of more volume and length.


Braid your flequillo to get a fresh, youthful touch while turning the front of your hair into a crowded area. Time of accomplishment: 2 minutes. Don’t be lazy, you won’t regret it. You’ll look super elegant!


OK, you’re a lazy caretaker. That you’re not capable of making a braid and “wasting” those two valuable minutes of your busy schedule. It’s not a problem. We have plan B. Option 2 seconds. Like the shampoo ad: fold and go.


9. Last best kept secret

Finally, we have the last secret shared by all these celebrities: Shakira, Selena Gómez, Beyoncé, Jennifer López, and even Michelle Obama herself.



They all use them. They are not “superheroines” or beings from another planet. They’re normal people like you and me. And of course you can also wear the same impressive mane that they wear. Don’t doubt it.

You want to know what that secret is? Enter this article to find out what celebrities keep a secret in their hair . We tell you everything in detail.

In the video below you can see how easy it is to have an impressive mane.