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The best treatments for damaged hair that will solve your life

We know that hair is one of our best attributes. However, we don’t always give it the care it deserves. As a consequence of carelessness, in a short time it will look like a damaged and lifeless hair. If you want to recover the shine and softness of your broken hair, then you should go to a hairdresser to request a deep repair treatment. Since these treatments for damaged hair are sometimes very expensive, many of us prefer to apply a home treatment at home. They are natural and much cheaper.

Next we will tell you how to recover the damaged hair and that you can show a beautiful hair.

Which treatment for damaged hair is best for me

Before choosing the treatment for damaged hair and split ends that best suits your hair, it is necessary to define the level of malnutrition in which it is found. This will help you determine whether your hair needs mild hydration or needs deep repair. To find out, you just have to do this little experiment:

Slide a comb from root to tip and check where it gets tangled.

If you notice that the part where the most tangles are the tips, then we’re talking about a little dry hair.
The hair is only half dry if the tangle forms from the middle to the ends.
If it tangles from the beginning of growth, then it’s very dry.

Now that you know what kind of malnutrition your hair might have, you can choose the most appropriate professional treatment for damaged hair. If your hair is burned or too processed you will need all the hydration, nutrition and repair you can provide.

Professional treatments for damaged hair

Among the most commonly used products for damaged hair are the following:

Hair mask with argan oil

You can use argan oil as a treatment for super-abused hair. It will restore the softness and texture of healthy hair. You can also use it as a deep conditioning therapy in the treatment of damaged hair.

Mithyc Oil de L’Oréal Professionnel

Classified as one of the best products for damaged hair, for combining argan oil and cotton seed oil. These ingredients are ideal for nourishing and improving the appearance of hair. Best of all, it protects your hair from the heat of hot tools.

Serum for damaged hair

Used as an intensive treatment for damaged hair, the serum is able to moisturize and soften your hair. Thanks to this treatment for damaged hair, tangle problems will be solved.

Nutritive range, Kérastase

By applying this treatment to broken hair, you can restore the shine, smoothness and nutrition it so badly needs. The great thing about this product is that you can use it with different levels of hair malnutrition. So they’re ideal for you, too.

How to apply home remedies for damaged hair


Generally, home treatments for damaged hair have the same application process. It is normal to apply them to the length of the hair. But sometimes exceptions can be made and applied directly to the scalp if it is very dry.

It can also vary the time you have to wait to let it act and produce the best effect. Here are the best home remedies for damaged hair.

Home treatments for damaged hair

The best treatments for damaged hair include the following:

Treatments for hair damaged with mayonnaise


Why is mayonnaise so effective as a remedy for damaged hair? It’s all thanks to the proteins and oils in mayonnaise. They are ideal to help strengthen it and combat the dryness of the hair follicle.

For its preparation you will only need ½ cup of mayonnaise. All you have to do is moisten your hair and spread the mayonnaise from root to tip. We recommend you to let it act for 30 minutes to notice better results. After you’ve tried it, you’ll no doubt want to include it in your preferred care for damaged hair.

Treatments for hair damaged with eggs


Thanks to the oils and vitamin E in the egg, it is essential to accelerate regeneration, strengthen it and give it back the shine it needs.

For its preparation you will need 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of warm water, and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. The idea is to beat the egg yolk in a bowl. Next, carefully add the olive oil and the spoonful of water.

The objective is to mix everything until it is well integrated. Finally, apply directly to the hair and leave on for 20 minutes.

Treatments for maltreated hair of aloe vera and brewer’s yeast


This treatment for damaged hair is perfect to combat the weak structure that usually has a damaged hair, and restore its smoothness and shine.

For its preparation you will need 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 2 leaves of aloe vera and 1 tablespoon of beer yeast. You must extract the gel from the aloe vera leaves and mix them with the yeast and oil. The idea is to create a creamy paste.

It is time to spread the product all over the scalp and hair from lengths to ends until it is completely covered. Leave on for 30 minutes and remove with plenty of water. It is undoubtedly ideal as a treatment for badly damaged hair.

Types of treatments for damaged hair and split ends


There are different types of treatments for damaged hair, which will help you combat all that dryness that has when it is damaged.

Treatments for hair damaged by dyes

Among the treatments for hair damaged by the most used dyes are those mentioned below:

Treatments for hair damaged with avocado and yogurt


If your hair has been badly damaged by discoloration, avocado with yoghurt is ideal because of its effectiveness. Thanks to the beneficial greases of avocado, your hair can regain its shine and softness in a short time.

For its preparation you will need to mix half an avocado, along with 4 tablespoons of natural yogurt. Once it’s ready, it’s time to apply it directly to your hair and leave it on for 25-30 minutes.

Use once a week to repair damaged hair.

Treatments for damaged hair of almond oil and honey


How to treat damaged hair after dyeing? Nothing better than using almond oil combined with honey. These two ingredients can be used if your hair is burned by straightening, dyeing or other chemical processes.

You only need to mix these two ingredients, according to the proportion of your hair and apply it directly on the hair. Leave it a minimum of 30 minutes and then wash the hair as usual. When you use it you will notice how you will say goodbye to the split ends caused by the dye. It is an excellent home treatment for hair damaged by discoloration or dyes.

Benefits of oils to recover damaged hair


In addition to the treatment for damaged hair mentioned above, the use of oils has become a great ally for treating damaged hair. Among its main benefits are:

Thanks to its high content of vitamin E, it is able to act as a wonderful antioxidant, strengthening your hair and making it grow healthy and strong.
The oils have been indicated as an excellent treatment for damaged bleached hair, as they contain regenerative properties. In addition, they stimulate the growth of damaged hair, replacing it with new, growing hair.
Is able to reduce the loss of protein that occurs when the hair is damaged.
The oils are the best weapon to combat the problems of split ends and brittle hair, closing and nourishing the ends. This makes them essential as a treatment for iron-burnt hair
The toning and moisturizing properties of oils are essential to help restore natural moisture.
You can eliminate frizz, with the use of specific oils for damaged hair.
They are ideal for strengthening hair follicles, thus preventing hair loss.
Provide shine, nourish and repair damaged hair naturally.

Reasons for using hair extensions to disguise damaged hair


If you have little volume in your hair , and you want to start wearing a long, well-groomed head of hair, extensions are your best option. Yes, with them you can have the length you’ve always wanted instantly.

With extensions you can hide the brittle ends of your damaged hair. Best of all, this treatment for processed hair can solve your problem in minutes.

Among the main reasons for using extensions in the treatment of damaged hair are the following:

Rapid solution

The speed with which you can cover the damage of your damaged hair is truly incredible. Thanks to clip extensions, your problem can be solved in less than you think. They are made to be placed in the hair through brooches that are attached to the hair to hold it, and strong style=”font-size: 16px; font-style: normal; color: #000000;”>give you a new look , while you begin treatment for damaged hair.

Increased hair volume

Having long hair will no longer be a dream, with the use of extensions you can have all that volume you’ve always dreamed of. Just choose the one that best fits your hair tone and wear a beautiful mane with 100% human hair extensions .


New hairstyles

While your hair is in the process of recovery, you can surprise all your friends and family with different extension hairstyles every time. You’ll be everyone’s envy.

Now that you know the different treatments for damaged hair, it’s time to choose the one that best suits your needs. Remember that healthy, hydrated hair can say a lot about you.