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What’s human hair like? Discover it!

Human hair is an important part of our body as it can protect the scalp from temperature changes. The main function of hair on our eyelashes and eyebrows is to protect our eyes. Likewise, hair has always been considered an aesthetic attribute that is an important part of our beauty. He represents a portion of our personality and style. That’s why we must provide you with the best care to have a shiny, silky and strong hair.

Composition of human hair

Human hair is made up of various elements such as 28% proteins, 2% lipids and 70% other compounds such as water, trace elements, pigments and other substances. Among the chemical elements that make up the hair are: calcium, iron, zinc, iodine and magnesium.

The composition of human hair is given mostly by proteins which in turn are keratin and large amounts of sulfur. Keratin is produced of two types: hard keratin, which is found in the cuticle, and soft keratin, which is located in the medulla of the hair. Keratin is very important because it is responsible for giving your hair the appearance of vitality, shine and hydration it needs to look healthy.

Structure of human hair

The structure of human hair is given by the root, stem and hair follicle. The root is the conduit responsible for providing nutrients to the hair. It in turn is composed of: inner sheath, outer sheath, erector muscle of the hair, hair bulb, dermal papilla, stem, cuticle, cortex or cortex, and marrow.

The hair shaft is made up of a core or internal structure and outer layers called the cuticle.

The hair follicle has in its interior a sebaceous gland that, with its production of sebum, is in charge of keeping your hair conditioned and healthy.

Hair types


Haven’t you ever wondered why your hair is one way or the other? Well, this depends on the shape and direction of the dermal papilla. It turns out that if you have straight hair , it’s because the dermal papilla is round and vertical to the surface of your skin. On the other hand if you have wavy hair is because the dermal papilla is oval and bends at an acute angle. And if it’s curly, it’s because the dermal papilla is flat and oriented almost parallel to the surface of the skin, Amazing, isn’t it!

Growth phases of human hair

You may have always taken it for granted, but how is human hair born? Hair undergoes a cycle of three phases of growth that occur at the same time. The first phase is called anagen, and lasts about three to eight years or more. In it the hair is born and begins to grow. 80% of the hair on your body is in this phase.

The second phase of the cycle is called the catagen or transition phase and lasts only three weeks. That’s when the growth stops, separating the hair from the papilla. Only 1% of your hair is going through this phase.

The remaining hair is in the stage called telogen, which is the moment when your hair begins to fall out. It lasts about three months, so you shouldn’t be surprised that sometimes your hair falls out in some periods more than in others. It’s normal!

Human Hair Extensions


If you notice that your hair has stopped growing, or grows very slowly, it is good to look for different alternatives to solve this problem. You can resort to natural or professional treatments for topical use. They will have an excellent effect but require some time to see results.

You can also resort to a much faster procedure, the extensions of natural human hair. If you want a quick and lasting relief to this inconvenience, without a doubt the extensions are the best solution.

Currently, the sale of human hair extensions is booming due to the great demand that exists.

The extensions vary according to the model of placement you choose. Making the best choice will depend on your tastes, your needs and your personality.