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Why doesn’t my hair grow beyond a certain point?

“Why doesn’t my hair grow as I’d like it to?” It’s frustrating to want to have an extra long mane, but hair that doesn’t grow beyond the shoulders. The most paradoxical thing is that you give yourself a dye and a month, or earlier, you see the roots of your color starting to grow. So, what’s going on?

We’re here to explain why hair doesn’t grow beyond a certain point. In addition, we will tell you what you can do to promote its growth and grow at its maximum possible natural speed.


Reasons why hair does not grow as you would like

The reasons why hair does not grow beyond a certain point are many. After knowing them, you will be able to determine yourself which are, in your case, the reasons that do not let your hair grow, because each person is different. In addition, you will be able to apply the advices that we are going to give you so that your hair grows faster.



Genetics is the main condition that determines hair growth. Hair stops growing once a specific amount of time has passed, and not a specific length. The hair growth phase is called the anagen phase. This period usually lasts between 2 and 8 years, and is not the same for everyone. It is actually determined by genetics, so nothing can be done to extend this period.

When the hair reaches the end of its growth cycle it stops growing and, for about three weeks, prepares to leave. After that begins the telogen phase, which is when it falls.

Poor Feeding

Healthy eating is essential for healthy hair, as hair feeds on hair follicles, which is where it gets nutrients. If your diet is based on junk food, processed food and excess sugar, your hair will not have enough vitamins and minerals to feed on.

To have healthy hair you must make sure to eat foods rich in iron, zinc, vitamin D. In addition, you need B-complex vitamins, including Biotin (B7), Niacin (B3) and Pantothenic Acid (B5).


Ideally, you should eat foods that contain these vitamins and minerals. However, if you think you have deficiencies in this area, you can resort to vitamin supplements, not without first consulting your doctor.


Another reason your hair may not grow is because it breaks before it reaches the size you want. But for what reasons can you break your hair? Let’s look at the following causes of hair breakage and think if any of them are affecting you.



Dyes, straightenings, perms and, above all, discolorations, are one of the most common causes of hair breakage. The chemicals dry the hair to the extreme, so it loses strength and breaks down. If you don’t let him recover, it may be impossible for the hair to exceed a certain length.

Abuse of hot tools


Every time you use hot tools, especially hair straighteners, your hair dries and deteriorates a little more. And the higher the temperature you use them at, the greater the damage. Burned, dry and damaged hair is easier to break. Therefore, if you want your hair to grow, keep it away from very hot temperatures for a while. Only strong hair can grow without breaking.

Hairstyles that damage the hair

Do you usually wear elastics that break your hair? Or do you comb your hair fast and abruptly? Or do you have very tight hairstyles for a long time? Any of these habits cause hair to break easily. It’s impossible for your hair to grow below your shoulders if you cut it yourself before it gets there.

Maybe it’s time to make peace with your hair and ask for forgiveness.

Split ends

Due to all of the above causes, overprocessing, poor nutrition, and styling habits, hair becomes dehydrated. As a result of this abuse, the tips are opened, and after they are opened they cannot be closed again. The only way to eliminate them is to cut them. If you don’t stop the damage you enter into a vicious circle of damaging and cutting the hair, which never ends. For your hair to grow you must keep it healthy.


You might come up with the “cool” idea of not cutting the split ends so you don’t lose the length. If so, we’ll let you know it’s a bad idea. The reason is that when the ends are opened, if not cut, the hair can continue to open up. Then the damage will be greater, the whole mane will look ugly, and you will have to make a more radical cut.

“Better safe than sorry.” That’s why it avoids split ends, reducing, as much as possible, everything that damages the hair. And if they start appearing, cut them off before they spread.



Over the years, the hair growth phase gradually shortens. That’s why it’s harder for hair to grow beyond a certain point. In addition, hair becomes drier because the scalp is aging. This makes hair more prone to breakage.

What to do if your hair doesn’t grow


Avoid washing your hair with very hot water, as this will dry it excessively. It’s better if the water is warm or lukewarm. And the last rinse, do it with cold water. This helps the hair not to lose its hydration and to have more shine.

Keep hair hydrated

Use masks or home remedies for dry hair to keep hair hydrated. This will prevent the hair from drying out and breaking easily. And the best thing about home remedies is that they can be made with natural ingredients that you have in your kitchen. Therefore, they are advantageous because they do not add chemicals to the hair. Plus, they’re easy and inexpensive ingredients to get.

Comb hair delicately

Gently brush or comb your hair. And try to use a brush that doesn’t break your hair, like Tangle Teezer . The ideal is to comb the hair when it is dry. However, those of us with curly hair know we can’t do that. The curly hair has to be combed wet because if you comb it dry the curls will fall out. If you also have curly hair you will probably prefer to comb it in wet. In that case use a brush that doesn’t break your hair, like the Tangle Teezer. Your hair will thank you.


Blow-dry hair the right way

Don’t dry it roughly with a traditional towel. The reason is that it can make the tips open, or even break it. Use a fine cotton or microfiber fabric to remove excess moisture. After you have removed the excess water, let it air dry.

If you have to dry your hair with a hair dryer , at least use a heat shield to minimize the damage.

If you think there may be a medical cause why your hair doesn’t grow, see a doctor. He may be able to help you find out if you are deficient in any vitamins or if there is some other problem.

The fastest way to have long hair


Even if your hair doesn’t grow as fast as you’d like, it doesn’t mean you can’t have long hair. Already millions of women boast of hair using 100% human hair extensions Remy. You can use them off and on, like the clip extensions, and wear them only when you feel like it. Or you may prefer the permanent type, such as adhesive extensions or stitched hair curtains . You choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and daily activities. With any of them you will be able to show a long mane and with volume, of which they awaken envy.


I hope you find these tips useful. Let us know if you have any other tips that have helped you to have long and leafy hair, as we all want.

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