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Discover the Power of a Curly Hairstyle

For many of us a beautiful curly hair is just a dream. Maybe because we have very straight hair or because, despite having curly hair, we do not know how to tame our mane. You’ll be surprised if I tell you that it’s possible to have nice curls and brag about them. How? Keep reading and look at the hairstyles with curly hair extensions that will make all of them die of envy.

Hairstyles with curly hair extensions


If you want to wear a beautiful mane with curls you can do it in just minutes. You don’t need to wait many months for the hair to grow and curl. In the market there is a great variety of curly hair extensions that give us a fresh and different look.

The hairstyles that can be achieved with curly hair extensions are diverse. You can opt for one of the suggestions below:

Semi-picked up model with some loose tufts around your face.
A high ponytail can be a great option to leave the curls at the ends.
Collect hair from one side only with tweezers and drop curls to one side.
You can also let your hair down to show off the beautiful curly extensions. Separate the hair on one side and let the curls do only their job of making you look good.

Why use curly hair extensions

The use of curly hair extensions facilitates the handling of this type of hair. You can also achieve incredible hairstyles with curly hair extensions. If you are thinking of buying curl extensions then be sure to read the suggestions I have for you in another one of our posts. Here you can read tips and tips for using extensions.


The goal of using curly hair extensions is to allow you to transform your appearance, in case your hair is smooth and without body. But if you have curly hair with little volume you can also use the extensions to increase the volume and achieve a prettier mane.

What type of curly hair extensions you can use

There are many options of this kind of extensions. There are those that are placed with compressed air pressure, but you need a professional to put them on. You can also opt for the clip extensions and put them on yourself in a few minutes, these are the ones I recommend. They are easy to place, you can use them only when you feel like it and you save yourself from paying expensive placements by a professional. In the following video you can see how easy it is to place this type of extensions.

Advantages of hairstyles with curly hair extensions


Hairstyles with curly hair extensions stand out from common straight hair.
They are different and highlight feminine beauty in a particular way.
Curly hair extensions have the particularity that they adapt to all hair types.
If you have extra-smooth hair and you’ve never been able to scratch it, curly hair extensions are the solution.
We can do hairstyles with curly hair extensions even with short hair. Only 3 cm of hair is required to place them.
Curly hair extensions mix easily with natural hair.
Hairstyles with curly hair extensions give us that innovative and sexy image we love so much.

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