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Discover the secret of Semi-Way Hairstyles

Hair is one of our biggest concerns. As women, we want to look and feel good. There are many options when it comes to combing our hair. Semi-directionals can give us that special touch whether it’s for the day to day or a special occasion. Do you think your hair isn’t voluminous enough for this kind of hairstyle? I invite you to know the semi-directed with hair extensions, the perfect solution.

How are semi-directed with hair extensions?

When I talk to you about semi-directed, I mean that look you get by picking up one part of your hair but making sure you leave the other part completely loose. Semi-directional hairstyles are becoming more and more fashionable. You can see this when you see celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Shakira arranging their long hair in this way.

If your hair is short or thin, you may think that it can’t make you a semi-shapely hair. You will be surprised to know that hair extensions are the solution to look a spectacular semi-upended, with lots of volume. If you place them correctly in the right direction you can do semi-directed with hair extensions.

Advantages of using semi-directional with hair extensions

The main advantage of semirecogidos with clip extensions is that you can do it yourself without having to go to a beauty salon. You can put the extensions on yourself and also do the semi-directed one you like. Of course, everything will depend on the level of complexity in the hairstyle, but you can find beautiful semi-directed simple hairstyles that you can do at home. If you become familiar with the technique and put the hairstyle into practice, you will surely succeed.

We show you in this video that you can see below how easy it is to place yourself extensions.

The semi-recognized ones give you the opportunity to wear a different style and highlight your natural beauty. They also have the advantage of keeping your hair right in place at all times.


Suggestions for making a simple semicircular hairstyle

In most semi-directional hairstyles with hair extensions you need to place the extensions in such a way that they do not show when you section the hair. You can achieve this if you follow this simple advice: always put the extensions in the direction of the hairstyle.


Section the hair so that you can pick up the top and leave the rest of the hair free. Take the part of the pickup and do with it what you like, you can use braids, pigtails, tweezers, etc..

You can also choose to make a semi-recognized side to do something different. To do this you only have to take part of the hair from one side and pick it up with a braid or tweezers.

Why use semirecogidos with hair extensions

Semi-directional hairstyles with hair extensions are very easy to do and you have the plus to look great for different occasions. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair, you can opt for beautiful extensions to make a semi-short. The extensions will give you that original style you are looking for. If you also choose 100% human hair extensions , of quality Remy, your mane will look very natural. No one will be able to tell you’re wearing extensions.


Discover a whole range of possibilities when using semi-directional hairstyles with hair extensions. Choose the extensions that best match your hair and look innovative.

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