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Easy hairstyles for lazy days

There are days when we are lazy and do not want to spend much time combing our hair. For those occasions we have some ideas of easy hairstyles that will help you save the day without losing dignity or glamour.

Easy hairstyles with hair extensions

You can make these easy hairstyles in just a few minutes. No doubt they’ll be spectacular if you use extensions. This is because with 100% human hair extensions you can give length and thickness to any simple hairstyle. This way you can turn it into a sophisticated hairstyle with very little effort.

These simple hairstyles are ideal for going to work, going to college or going out with friends….and why not? for a date too.

Tricks to make your hairstyle look more elaborate than it is

There are some tricks that are useful to give your hairstyles a touch of sophistication. Maybe they’re hairstyles you’ve done in two minutes, but no one will know.

Add some soft waves to the hairstyle, with an electric curler. Maybe the tufts that frame the face or the hair on the ponytail. That gives it a romantic and casual touch that greatly improves the final result.

Soft waves framing the face make a simple hairstyle look romantic and casual

A beautiful ornament or accessory will give a simple hairstyle a touch of glamour and elegance. There are many types of hair accessories, in different styles and shapes, to suit all tastes.

Some simple adornments to your liking give your hairstyle a touch of elegance

If the hairstyle allows it you can give a little volume to the crown. It’s an excellent trick to make a simple hairstyle look elegant, without complicating things too much.

caption id=”attachment_7889″ align=”aligncenter” width=”560″]1 Adding a little volume to the crown makes the hairstyle look more elaborate than it is[/caption]

Using extensions makes your hairstyle, no matter how simple, look beautiful. This is because, in a long, voluminous hairstyle with extensions, any simple hairstyle looks like a great hairstyle. If you choose the clip extensions, you can put them on yourself. In another of our articles we explain how extensions are placed .

With hair extensions any simple hairstyle looks spectacular

I hope this post helps you look pretty, even in your lazy days. Because we all have those days from time to time.

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