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Hairstyles for the second day after washing your hair

If you are following the recommendation not to wash your hair every day, it may be difficult at first. Maybe you’ll feel it’s not clean and you won’t find it easy to fix. In this article we show you hairstyle ideas for the second day after washing your hair. With these easy and elegant hairstyles you will be impeccable, even if you don’t have freshly washed hair.

The best hairstyles for the second day after washing your hair

The best thing about the hairstyles we propose is that they are easy to do, but elegant at the same time. They are timeless hairstyles, that do not go out of style, worthy of a red carpet in Cannes or at the Gala Met. In fact, we’ve seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Bella Hadid wearing these same hairstyles.

Read on to see how to do these hairstyles for the second day after washing your hair.

High Coleta

The high ponytail is a timeless and versatile hairstyle. It’s elegant, sexy and youthful. And, with the hair of the day after, it looks even better.


It’s quite possible you already know how to make a tall ponytail. It’s an easy hairstyle to do. However, we will explain below how to make a high pigtail with extensions. This way you will be able to wear an elegant and voluminous ponytail. For this you will only need a few frames from clip extensions.

How it is done

First make a fine ponytail, taking only the hair from the crown of the head.

Around that little ponytail place a weft of three clips and be sure to hook the clips in tightly.

If you want a fuller ponytail, place another weft of three clips in the same way as you placed the previous one.

After that place another two-clip weft around the wefts you’ve already put in.

When the ponytail is as thick and full as you want, you just have to finish making the ponytail.

Now it picks up all the hair that is loose and with it it covers the wefts of extensions that you have already placed. Use a rubber band or scrunchie to make the scrunchie.

To give it a more elegant finish you can cover the gummy with a weave of extensions of a clip. To do this, place the extension clip close to the rubber band and then wrap it around it. When it’s rolled up to the tip, use a latch or hook to hold it securely.

In the following video you can see Ponytails with extensions. You’ll be surprised how elegant and beautiful they are.

High collection

Also known as an influencer bow, it is perfect for hot summer days. It is an elegant and flattering hairstyle, suitable for all face types. In addition, it is ideal as a hairstyle for the second or third day after washing your hair. This hairstyle actually looks better with greasy hair. This is because with the fat that has the hair that is not freshly washed the bow is more polished.


How it is done

To make a tall bow you have to lift all your hair into a tall ponytail.

After making a tightly held ponytail, wrap the entire ponytail hair around the rubber band or rubber band.

Spray lacquer all over the hair. Then, with a fine comb flatten all the hairs that look loose, like baby hairs.

You’ll get a bigger bow if you use extensions. You can use clip extensions that you must place so that they are not noticeable.

Apply a weft of two clips to the base of the ribbon and wrap it around the ribbon. Use hooks or locks to hold the tips.

Wet effect

A problem with hair that is not freshly washed is that it loses volume and is greasy at the roots. However, the drawbacks become advantages for the hairstyles for the second day after washing your hair. And this is another one of those hairstyles that fit better with the hair of the second or third day.


How it is done

First with a fine comb of rat tail, do the stripe on your hair. You can do it in the center or to the side, as you like.

Then moisten the hair a little at the front to flatten it better. It must be smooth and free of loose or messy locks of hair. Apply a little gel or wax to the top of the hair and flatten with the fine comb.

The parts of the hair that are surrounding the face should be behind the ears. This way the result will be more polished and elegant.

Spray lacquer to keep the hairstyle longer.

For this hairstyle you have two options, let your hair down or make a low ponytail. In both cases you can use 100% human hair extensions to achieve an elegant hairstyle with very little effort.

Hairstyles for the second day after washing your hair with a handkerchief or chewing

For a casual and youthful look you can use a handkerchief or a chew. That way you’ll be able to disguise greasy hair.

The form of the hairstyle can be varied and according to your taste. What will help you in your goal is to use the handkerchief so that it looks nice. You can give it a somewhat disheveled and informal touch, as you can see in the photos.


Although we propose them as hairstyles for the second day after washing your hair, you can use them at any time. Which one do you like best?

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