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Hairstyles with volume that you will love and how to make them step by step

“Many of our clients express this concern to us. Does this also concern you? If we have to describe what a sexy woman is, we would surely include in the description an abundant and voluminous mane. But don’t you think sensuality is really a matter of attitude? That’s why in this post we’ll tell you how you can get voluminous hairstyles despite having fine, thin hair. Because you deserve it, too.

Hairstyles with volume for this season

The volume hairstyles that are fashionable this season are as follows:

The Shag


One of the best known in the 70s, has become trend today. Famous as Dakota Johnson has made it part of her daily style. There is no doubt that she looks beautiful in every presentation, and her hair despite being smooth and scarce is noticeable with great volume.

To give volume to this hairstyle, the secret is in the layers it has, and the way it blends with the beautiful bangs. Best of all, the hair length can be adjusted to each type of face with ease.

The Bob


It’s perfect for light and fine hairstyles. With a youthful and mischievous air this type of hairstyle, besides giving you volume, will make you decrease some years immediately.

In this hairstyle, what is sought is to make a series of undone waves, and get a little asymmetry in the front of the hair. So that it looks a little longer than the rest of the hair.

Flip Side Hair


The side fringe is very triumphant for this season. It is one of the best hairstyles for fine and scarce hair, which allows you to add volume instantly. With a relaxed and rebellious touch at the same time, he manages to make us believe that it is something improvised, but the truth is that it requires a certain amount of time.

To give it the volume you need so much, the secret is to put a little hairspray where the hairline is. When you do, you’ll notice how bulkier it looks.

Knit Knot


This famous hairstyle has quickly become popular among all the important figures, as is the case of Jennifer Lopez. We’ve seen her wear them at red-carpet events, and she looks really beautiful.

Basically, it consists of collecting the hair until forming a disheveled bow, of great height. The louder it is, the better it looks. We recommend that you use some kind of conditioner or serum at the tip level so that it can highlight the shine of your hair.

Tricks to make hairstyles with volume

If your hair has little volume, there are certain tricks to make hairstyles with little hair and fine and get the dimension you’ve always wanted quickly. Among the main tricks to achieve this are the following:

Hair extensions


It is the best solution for women who have fine hair and without volume. The result is instant and you won’t have to wait any longer to have long, abundant hair. The great Rihanna has used them in several of her presentations, always showing different in each occasion.

The magic thing about 100% human hair extensions , is that they adapt easily to your hair. Play with your imagination to make the hairstyle you want. In addition, they can be used without damaging fine or thick hair. If you want long, voluminous hair in the blink of an eye, extensions are your best option.



The tendency to wear various colors in hairstyles for little hair is already a custom, and that is why it is common to see large stars like Sophie Turner at an important event with an explosion of colors in her fine hair. Thanks to the colors, the little volume in your hair will go unnoticed.

This hairstyle consists of dyeing the hair with a bold color and take the look of your preference. Regardless of the color you choose, we recommend applying a mask once a week to keep hair nourished.

The waves


Adding waves to hairstyles for light and fine hair is one of the best strategies to obtain hairstyles with volume. The shape and magnitude of the waves will give you an elegant style and add volume to your hair.

To get it, all you have to do is roll up your hair and apply a little hot air with the dryer. In doing so, you will notice how the volume of your hair increases and lasts all day. Without a doubt, volume waves are an excellent choice.



Another of the best hairstyles for fine hair and without volume are the wonderful braids made by you . When you wear them, your hair will look a little thicker and fuller. Besides that the frizz will not have space in this type of hairstyles with volume.

High Coleta

If what you are looking for is collected for fine and scarce hair, the high ponytail is the hairstyle par excellence. Allows you to add volume to your hairstyle in minutes. For this hairstyle to look voluminous, you must make sure that the ponytail is in the mid-high part of the head. We recommend that you straighten your hair so that it can look impeccable.

And if you want the ponytail to look more abundant you just have to make two ponytails, one above and one just below, so that both of them have taken all your hair. Then he picks up a lock of hair and wraps the two pigtails with it. This way it will not be seen that they are two but it will seem only one, but very thick and voluminous.

Hairstyles with volume that favor each type of face

In addition to the voluminous hairstyles mentioned above, the type of your face will also allow you to define which style will suit you best. Next we’ll tell you what your choices should be according to your face.

Elongated face


Girls with elongated faces tend to have thin, stylized faces. In these cases, we recommend avoiding voluminous hairstyles on the crown, as the result will be a much longer face.

For these cases, nothing better than to include fringes, add volume on the sides, or use short hair with volume up to the height of the chin.

Square face


One of the main characteristics of this type of face is a wide forehead and well marked facial features. To give volume, it is best to go to those hairstyles with volume to cover the front area, thus smoothing out the features they have.

One of the best options is to leave volume in the part of the head, temples and jaws. A round, Wendy-style cut can also favor this type of face. Or simply drop the hair between the temples to smooth out the marked features.

Round face


Both cheekbones and chin are usually round. The smooth hairstyles with volume in the crown are always a success for this type of face. You can also opt for cuts with straight volume or a little parading at the tips and shoulder height.

The long hairstyles, with uncovered temples and the side without volume, also favor this type of face.

Oval face


Classified as a perfect face, as the harmony of proportions are almost perfect. In this type of face, all hairstyles with volume will succeed in favouring it.

Diamond face


It’s very similar to the oval face, only it has a diamond shape. However, in this type of face both the cheekbones and the features are more marked. Any hairstyle or cut that is made, will look very nice.

Triangle face


It is easy to recognize because the jaw is usually the most prominent thing on the face. To add volume, hairstyles should cover the parietal and frontal areas. The use of long, medium or layered manes is one of the best options.

If you ever thought lack of volume was an unsolvable problem, you were wrong. As you can see you just need some strategic hairstyles and some good extensions to get out of this problem of low volume.

There are different types of extensions, depending on your needs and tastes. However, if you need to get volume in a few minutes, we recommend that you opt for the clip extensions. You just have to adjust them to your hair with a clip and wear a long and sexy hair. Don’t wait any longer and add more volume to your hair today.

And remember, “Sensuality is a matter of attitude.”