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How to Innovate Hairstyles for Shorthair with Extensions

As Honoré de Balzac said: “Even if nothing changes, if I change, everything changes”. And I’m sure you agree with me that a change of look is always preceded by a major change in our lives. A haircut implies that something transcendental is happening inside of us, doesn’t it? You may not yet have dared to make a change at this level, perhaps you are in the process of doing so or, at least, you have crossed your mind. When we have short hair we may think that hairstyle options are very limited. But more and more women in this situation are using hair extensions. Read on and get to know some short hairstyles with extensions that will make you look spectacular.

Advantages of short hair

The short hair is being worn a lot. You have surely seen several celebrities with the flattering look of a short hair with volume . Short hair has several advantages:

You can fix it in a few minutes, and do it yourself.
It’s very comfortable and cool.
Usually makes the features of the face look more marked.
Finally and the one I like the most: You can go from short to long in just minutes if you use extensions.

1How to do hairstyles for short hair with extensions

If you want to do a hairstyle and your hair is very short, it may be difficult to do so. But if you use extensions you won’t have any inconvenience when combing your hair.


An obvious example of the use of extensions is singer Rihanna. In nature she has very short hair and to achieve the length she wears in her hairstyles she uses extensions. She also wears her short hair spectacularly.


You can go from short hair to beautiful wavy mane using hair extensions, you won’t have to spend a lot of time. You just have to place the extensions making sure that the base is not visible. If they are clip extensions you should lift a layer of your hair from the top and place the extensions just underneath. Use the blow-dryer to shape your hair so that it perfectly matches the hair of the extensions.

hair curtains are an excellent option. They can be placed with different methods, which are imperceptible between your hair, even if it is short.

A trick to make short hairstyles perfect with extensions.

Maybe, the layer of your hair that is closer to the nape of your neck, looks very short with respect to the extensions. Maybe you’ve noticed a lock of hair protruding from under your ear. This doesn’t have to be unsightly, necessarily. It depends on how you comb your hair and your tastes.

But if you don’t like it to look like this it has a very simple solution. First lift all layers of extensions and secure them at the top of the head with a hook. This will prevent you from being bothered by working with that short layer of hair that is at the bottom of your head. Then all you have to do is take that little hood of hair and braid it. There will be a finite braid that you can then roll on itself until you have a small chongo. Then you must lock it with a small hook, if possible flat, so that it does not bulge anything. Once this is done, let go of all your hair and you will see that you can’t notice anything in that little bow.

Now you can do a lot of hairstyles for short hair without anyone noticing that you wear extensions.

In the following video you can see how to place clip extensions in a short hair.

If you have used extensions having short hair we will love to know which tricks you have used to integrate your hair with the extensions. Your advice is sure to help our readers a lot too. Share them in the comments.

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