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Looks like a star using curly hair with volume

Curly hair is a very beautiful and particular style, but only when it is very well cared for. If your hair is like that you will have realized that keeping it and washing it is not easy at all. When you want to fix it, give it shape and volume, a complicated task begins… or maybe that’s what you thought until now. Don’t worry, having curly hair with volume won’t just be a dream anymore.

There are many ways to tame that mane that you don’t want to control, and give it volume. Say goodbye to those rebellious curls with our secrets on how to add volume to curly hair.

Correct washing


Believe it or not, washing affects the volume of your curls a lot. You should avoid doing it every day, unless strictly necessary. The constant washing of the hair causes it to lose its properties and break, which affects the possibility of obtaining a voluminous hairstyle.

The washing procedure should be delicate and subtle, avoid abrupt or violent rubbing against your hair. A good method is to gently massage the scalp and the rest of the hair. Avoid squeezing it so as not to break it.

It’s best to wash your hair two or three times a week. You have to leave a day or two between washes. This prevents dryness, loss of strength, frizz and lack of volume and shape.

If you have noticed that your hair is abused you should not rule out the possibility that it is because of excessive washing. Sounds crazy, but that’s the way it is. In that case you can check out our article on how to repair your hair .

Cut hair for volume


Cutting curly hair to give volume is another excellent tool to look beautiful. The haircuts, depending on the style, will give it lightness, which in turn will give volume to your mane.

You should always try to make cuts in layers, avoiding straight layers. Asymmetrical cuts are best, because they will give the illusion of volume and sponginess. And when combing it the ideal is that you work each curl individually, so there is a better control of the results.

A short hair will give you more possibilities of having volume in your mane. But for lengths it’s not impossible, you just need a little more care. If you love your long hair, then cut it into long layers, keeping the length. I assure you, it will look spectacular.

Make a curly hairstyle with volume

If you don’t want to use the cut because, let’s be honest, most of us love long hair, try combing it so that it appears to have volume. There are many hairstyles you can make your beloved curls look spongy. The most wonderful thing is that they look any time.

If you want to opt for a hairstyle that makes you look spectacular, then go to our article and you will find what hairstyles you can do to look sexier .


Volume starts at wash

I said you shouldn’t wash it every day, but now we’ll focus on how you wash it. If you have thick hair it will be easier to have volume, but if you have fine curly hair it is not impossible either, but it requires a little more care. The following tips will be very useful to you. Cheer up, to be beautiful we just have to do a little bit, don’t you think?


The procedure is quite simple, always keep in mind that the shampoo and conditioner you use will be the key to success. You should use special products for curly hair. The washing process is simple, you start with the shampoo rubbing the hair gently, once you have finished, remove it with water and go to the conditioner.

With the conditioner we can choose between two methods: the first consists of applying it, massaging the hair and then removing it. This is the procedure we all know and always do, but sometimes we realize that it does not work as well as we would like, so I suggest the second method. This consists of spreading half the amount of conditioner you would normally use and not removing it.

With correct drying and styling you will achieve curly hair with volume


Once this is done, with a wide-tooth comb you untangle your hair, from the ends to the roots and then dry it. You can do it three ways:

Put your head down and wrap a towel around your hair to let it dry. With this you will dry it from the root to the tips and it will have volume in the roots.
Use a hair dryer with curl adapter. This is a piece that is placed in the mouth of the hair dryer and is special for drying curly hair.
Letting it dry outdoors is a very natural and pleasant option. You can squeeze your hair against your head to form the waves.

Extensions for curly hair with volume

Another excellent option to definitively end up with dull, lifeless hair is to use 100% human hair extensions . Extensions are natural hair that is placed on your scalp or attached to your natural hair. It is very simple to use and even simpler to maintain and care for. The curly extensions and the wavy extensions are designed to give volume to your mane instantly. If you want to know more about them go to our article work a long hair with extensions.


Other tips for taking care of curly hair with volume

Here are some other tips you can follow to add volume to your curly hair:

Keep your hair well hydrated with cream baths and moisturizing ampoules.
Every now and then cut the ends of your hair, just one or two fingers. Split ends are the number one enemy of voluminous hair.
Although I already mentioned it, you must be very careful when untangling your curls. If you do it rudely, you’ll break the hair and the ends will open.
You can always get a very natural style by separating your curls with your hand. It’ll also show that your hair volume is natural.

Curly hair is a very versatile and attractive style, you can use it on any occasion, and if your waves are natural, then I assure you that you are very lucky. strong style=”font-size: 16px; font-style: normal;”>Just take care of your hair, hydrate it and give it volume to look like a movie star. If you want to know more about the value and beauty of curls, I invite you to review our article a style=”font-size: 16px; background-color: #ffffff;” href=””>the power of a curly hairstyle .