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Save Time with Clip Extensions Hairstyles

As a woman you will agree with me that we always love to look well arranged and with the perfect look. Everything so that our attributes are enhanced and what we don’t like is better disguised. Hair is one of the most important aspects of our appearance. That’s why we use an endless number of treatments, hairstyles and cuts that enhance our beauty, and therefore, our self-esteem. That’s why when we go out we want our hair to look perfect. On this occasion I bring you a special article dedicated to Clip Extensions hairstyles. Don’t stop reading and find out how much time we can save by using these extensions and how well they fit.

Why do hairstyles with Clip Extensions


The Clip extensions are among the most currently in use. The fact that they are easy to put on means that they have many advantages over other types of extensions. See the main advantages of making us Clip Extensions hairstyles:

We don’t need help to place or remove them, we can do it ourselves.
They are ideal for making our hairstyles fast and, at the same time, beautiful and lasting.
Hairstyles with Clip Extensions do not mistreat our hair
We will be able to change style without major complications. It’ll just be a matter of taking them out and starting over. Imagine! Have a different hairstyle for every occasion in a few minutes.
They are cheaper than other kinds of extensions.

Types of Hairstyles for Clip

With Clip extensions the variety of hairstyles we can make is almost infinite or as far as our imagination goes. Some of us love updos and braids while others prefer those semi-updos that add a special touch to your look.


We can play with our hair and Clip extensions to create different styles:

Try a side pickup. Using hairpins on one side and all the hair on the other side.
Try to make a tall bow. If you thought it was impossible to do this kind of hairstyle with extensions, you’re wrong. We can collect our hair in a beautiful high topknot and hide the clips of the extensions. We should only place the extensions in the middle of the head with the clips contrary to the natural hair growth.
We can make different models of braids. With Clip extensions it will be easier to weave hair with beautiful braids. If before it was impossible for us to braid our hair because we didn’t have enough, then it’s time to try.

Perfect Clip Extensions Hairstyles


I love perfect finishes, so I leave you with some recommendations so that the hairstyles of extensions with Clips are like taken out of a professional Beauty Salon.

Always place the clips where you’re going to comb, not in the opposite direction.
The clip should be very close to the roots of the hair.
Place the extension underneath a layer of your own hair to mix.

Doing hairstyles with Clip Extensions is very practical, as I have shown you in this post. We can get fast results and perfect finishes for special occasions or even for everyday life.


Extensions Hairstyles Pictures
To give you an idea of the hairstyles that can be achieved with Clip Extensions, I would like you to take a look at these photos.

You can leave your hair loose and make a kind of headband with your own hair and hold it behind with hairpins. Simple but elegant.

Loose hair and headband with own hair

Here you can see two options: One collected in a high ponytail and the other making a braid backwards. Extensions give you the volume you need to make your hairstyle look great.

caption id=”attachment_4533″ align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]1 Two hairstyle options with clip extensions: High Coleta and French Braid[/caption]

Another easy way to do hairstyles with Clip Extensions is with a semi-updo using a small tail to hold the hair. Do not over-tighten the tail to make it more natural.

Simple semi-picked up

Picked up or loose, clip extensions are ideal for both styles. Towards the left side of the image you see a nice semi-recognized with braids.

caption id=”attachment_4535″ align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]1 Picked up or loose, use the clip extensions as you like[/caption]

In the video below you’ll find more ideas for simple hairstyles with clip extensions.

What about you? Do you have ideas for hairstyles with extensions that you want to share with us? If so, write it below in the comments.

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