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Short hair with volume: the best way to look beautiful, sophisticated and elegant

Having short hair with volume allows you to wear a variety of styles. You can seem from a pretty and tender girl to a sexy and elegant girl. Plus, it’s one of the best ways to keep it under control. You just have to use the proper care.

The problem starts when you made the decision to change your look by yourself, but it didn’t turn out the way you wanted. You wanted to look like an actress in a movie, and yes, you look like an actress, but out of a horror movie after a chase. You survived the scissors, but they left you with serious consequences. If you’re like me, you ran to find some glue to glue the hair you cut, and seeing that it didn’t work, like me, you decided to search the Internet.

Well, you found me, and I’ve got something to say to you: “Relax, girl, it’ll be all right.” Just keep reading to show you that the solution to your problem is to use short hair with volume.

The problem of lack of volume

Yes, volume is an excellent tool that allows you to show off a spectacular mane, because perhaps you did the whole procedure as you should, but you forgot to give it shape and sponginess.

It’s possible that before you cut your hair you didn’t look for what cut was best for you, believe me, the same thing happened to me. Since then I’ve investigated everything about my mane and I can cut it without having to put my scissors on a “Wanted” sign. In my case, I have very fine hair, in addition to having very little, and it is difficult to take shape or stay where I want, for that I resort to all the advice I will give you below. Remember, you must know your hair very well, as in any relationship, only then will they be understood.

You can give your hair volume in very simple ways: you can use beauty products, make the right cuts, ironing and drying procedures with certain techniques and other secrets. It’s very simple, and as long as you don’t know what to do, you can turn to a professional stylist. The important thing is to recognize what it is that makes you not have volume, may be because you have very fine hair or because you have little hair, for the latter case I invite you to review the article on how to increase the amount of hair .

Beauty products for short hair with volume

There are many products on the market that will help you give volume to your short hair. You only have to be careful to read the indications and use those that have natural components, since many chemical components can mistreat your hair.



The conditioner makes your hair look like it’s abundant. The best way to use it is to spread it a little on the roots, squeeze it with your hand to give it volume and let it dry. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful mane with waves, that is, voluminous. If you prefer straight hair, avoid using conditioner.

Volume Shampoo

There are shampoos on the market that come with special formulas to give volume to hair. Certainly they are chemicals that, with constant use, will end up hurting and deteriorating it. But for quick occasions in which you must hurry to look good you can use them.


Sounds very crazy, but yes. Did you ever return from your trip to the beach and realize that your hair looked brighter, fluffier and more voluminous? Maybe it felt a little rough but you looked great, then you washed it and goodbye beauty. Seawater has healing properties for the scalp. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go to the beach every weekend or bring a container of salt water. There are many products on the market that emulate how seawater works. Get your favorite and use it to show off a voluminous mane.

If you preferred to go to the beach and get two benefits for one, ie enjoy and have spectacular hair, you must take care of some mistreatment such as excessive sun. You can check out our article on the care needed for that case .

Cream baths

Cream baths are, as the name implies, hair creams. They are excellent for giving health and strength to the scalp and recovering damaged hair. Always try to use those with natural bases. And if you want to add some fruit such as avocado, or perhaps products such as eggs or mayonnaise, you will make a special affection to your hair.

Haircuts that allow more volume


If you’re here to find out what cut you need to make in order to have a voluminous mane, I’ll show you which are the best, as well as sexy, for you. Remember that it is much easier to give volume to short hair. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible for the length, but the longer it is, the more it will tend to go down the weight. And, of course, the more it weighs, the more complicated it will be to shape it. After you have been cut, follow our recommendations to give it volume.

Layer cutting

Layered cuts are the best way to give volume to your hair. It will look like you have an abundant amount, it will make it look spongy and shaped. To make this cut is indifferent to the type of hair you have, whether fine, thick, abundant or little, what is important is your type of face: it is recommended for girls with round features. In addition to providing volume to the hair, this cut can be used for short or medium manes.

bob cut with layers

The bob cut is an excellent option to obtain volume in the hair, as long as it has layers. This is very important, because if you cut it with the normal bob style the hair will be very flat on the top, which is the opposite of what you want. Using the bob will give you spongy, as it varies in length from neck to chin, making you look spectacular. It suits any type of hair and face, and you can add a bangs to give a very coquettish touch to the hairstyle.

Cut pixie (the king of short hair with volume)

Yes, perhaps it is one of the most daring and risky options, because if it goes wrong, then you will look like a child, in short. But if you do, you’ll get a very sexy and daring look. The cut is perfect to give volume to the hair because if you are of very fine hair or little, with a little movement you will be able to give it the form that you want. Adding a bangs is perfect for adding volume. You can review our article on flequillos ideal for you and get the ideas you like best.

Secrets to give volume to your short hair

After you have made a spectacular cut and used the necessary treatments to give it volume, you should use these tips to keep it cared for and spongy.


The towel is your best friend

To add volume to your hair, after bathing, position your head down and wrap your hair in a towel. This will cause the hair to dry from root to tip. Doing this simple trick will make the roots spongy and with volume.

Massages with care

When using shampoo you should be careful how you wash your mane; you should rub the scalp to clean it, but avoid doing it on the rest of the hair because you weaken it. This is evidenced by hair breakage and thinning.

Know how to use colors

With the right dye you can give the illusion of volume. A coloring of brown, chestnut, chocolate with yellow, makes you see a spongy and voluminous form. Colours such as black or uniform tones produce the opposite effect.

Change style

You can achieve much more volume by using styles with waves or curls. Medium and short manes tend to form curls or undulations very easily, just take advantage of them and wear them to the fullest. If you don’t have any ideas about which hairstyles to use on your hair, you can visit our article to get the best ideas for hairstyles with waves to have volume.

Drying and Combing

Even if you already have short hair with volume, the way you dry and comb it is essential to enhance it. Always dry and comb hair in the opposite direction to its natural shape. After you have finished you must comb it and place it in its original sense and ready! You’ll have a bulky short style. But be very careful, remember that excessive heat can damage your hair.

Decreases the use of the brush

It certainly sounds strange, but it does. You should avoid brushing constantly, as this weakens the hair and decreases the natural volume it may have.

Do you see it? It’s not that hard to wear short, bulky hair. No matter what type of hair you have, no length, no shape. Using volume on the hair offers sensuality, elegance, an attractive appearance. And the most important thing is that volume in hairstyles will never go out of style. You can use it on any occasion and for any style. Just dare to make a change in your look, enjoy it and look like a queen.

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