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The best Floral Hairstyles for this spring

Spring is a time of year that we want to look fresh and renewed. We can’t say anything less about summer, where we want to go out to sunbathe and look spectacular. On both occasions, our hair is one of our attributes that we want it to stand out and look good. We do well in a fresh, floral and casual style. You can achieve all this with beautiful hair extensions. I don’t want you to be left with the desire to enjoy an abundant and long mane during this year’s spring-summer seasons. I invite you to see the suggestions of Floral Hairstyles with Hair Extensions that I have for you.

How are the flower hairstyles

When I talk to you about floral hairstyles, I mean all those looks you can achieve by adding beautiful flowers as your main accessory. This type of hairstyle will give a fresh air to our appearance.


You can use natural or artificial flowers. Keep in mind that artificial ones are more durable and you can use them several times. While natural flowers, though more beautiful, wither easily. If you decide to use natural ones, remember to spray a little so that they last longer.

Advantages of Floral Hairstyles


Wearing a floral hairstyle this spring or during the summer is the perfect way to complement your look.
As the main accessory is the flowers, it will be easy to get beautiful specimens during the spring, which will also serve you for the summer if they are artificial.
In case the flowers are not your thing, you can follow my suggestions for hairstyles, obviating, of course, the flowers as an accessory.

Types of floral hairstyles with extensions for spring-summer

For this season of the year you can opt for different styles that bet on the natural. I like simple hairstyles or, at least, I like them to look like it. I give you some options of floral hairstyles with extensions, choose the one you like the most.

Braid with flowers


Braids are an excellent option to achieve this type of hairstyles. If the problem is that you don’t have enough hair or you don’t have it very long, then extensions will solve this detail. If you use 100% human hair extensions it will be better because it can mix better with your hair.
Using any kind of braid backwards, as you can see in the image, you can achieve a floral hairstyle. Don’t forget to choose some nice flowers to complement the style. Remember to loosen the braid a little with the thin handle of a comb to get more volume.

If you don’t know how to make a braid we recommend you to watch the following video that will show you, not only how to make a braid but also how to place the hair extensions so that they are not seen.

Collected from side


This option of floral hairstyle with extensions I like very much for the simplicity of doing and how well it looks. You can use it for any kind of occasion, even if it’s a more formal occasion you won’t regret using it.

To achieve this, remember to place the clip extensions so that they do not look and mix well with your hair. Place all hair to one side and hold with hairpins or a small tail. You can cover the tail with a piece of hair so that it doesn’t show.

Leave some loose tufts in the front to give more movement to the hairstyle. Take into account that we want to achieve a look not so tight but rather cheerful and carefree.

The final touch is the beautiful flowers. See in the image that the girl decides to wear them like a crown. You can do the same or place some of them on the side where the ponytail is to hold your hair. Here it’s all up to your imagination.

Semi-upended with flowers


This is the classic semi-upended hairstyle that will not leave us bad at any time. As you can see, what stands out most in the image, apart from the flowers, is the length of the hair. Yes, a beautiful mane gives you a more feminine appearance. That’s why you need hair extensions to achieve this beautiful effect.

You should place hair extensions in strategic places so that they are well concealed. Divide the top hair in two and braid each side. Then it joins the braids backwards in a nice semi-recognized. It complements with delicate white flowers.

Braided crown with flowers


The famous wreaths of flowers for the head are typical of spring. You can make a variation and make a kind of crown out of the hair. Start by making a side braid that picks up all the hair and borders the head like a crown. Place some flowers along the braid. Look at the result in the picture, nice. Don’t you think?

We’d love to hear how you’ve been doing with these hairstyles. You can share your experience in the comments.

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