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The best hairstyles for each type of face

Have you ever gone to a hairdresser’s with a photo of your favorite celebrity and ordered that exact cut? Maybe when you left there you realized that this cut looked better on Gigi Hadid than it did on you. Why? The reason is that not all hairstyles or haircuts work well for all face shapes. That’s why today we’ll help you discover the best hairstyles for each type of face.

So, at this point it is normal to ask yourself: What is the shape of my face?

There’s a simple way to know what kind of face you have. Stand in front of a mirror and remove all the hair from the face and with an eyeliner pencil draw the outline of your face. Then compare the drawing with the following scheme.


The best hairstyles for each type of face

Oval face


The shape of the face is considered oval when the length is greater than the width, and the jaw line is only slightly narrower than the forehead line. An oval face has no prominent dots. Some celebrities with oval faces are Jessica Alba, Megan Fox and Bella Hadid.

If you have an oval face, congratulations. This face shape is considered the ideal face and the most versatile because any hairstyle suits you. However, the most flattering are those that leave the face clear, so that the beauty of its form can be appreciated well.

Oval face hairstyles


The cuts with bangs are ideal for this face shape. Also the smooth ends are very flattering in the oval faces.

Try to keep your face as clear as possible. Make sure you have one or both sides uncovered, with the hair behind the ear. By showing a cheekbone, or both, the virtues of this type of face will be better appreciated.

Face heart


The heart-shaped face, or triangle, is wider at the temples and hairline. The chin is thin and in some cases a little pointed. In this type of faces the cheekbones and forehead are usually prominent. Tyra Banks, Reese Witherspoon can boast a heartfelt face.

One of the advantages of heart-shaped faces is that the people who have them are usually very favored in the photos. So, if that’s the shape of your face, congratulations!

Heart-shaped face hairstyles


The most flattering thing for the heart-faced face is any hairstyle that accentuates the shape of the face. The hairstyles that carry the stripe to the middle are perfect, as it creates a symmetrical cut on the face that brings balance. However, the line on one side also suits him well, with loose waves that make the shape of the face evident.

If you prefer to balance features, shoulder-length hair often looks better. This is because it brings volume to the height of the jaw, creating the illusion of being wider.

Square face


Square faces are usually wide. The forehead, cheekbones and jaw are almost the same width. The prominent jaw is a characteristic of this type of faces, such as Olivia Wilde or Gwyneth Paltrow.

Hairstyles for square faces


If you have a square face you have two options: accentuate the square of the face or disguise it by smoothing out the contours. If you want to highlight the prominent jaw lines you can choose to wear straight and thick bangs. However, if you prefer to soften the features choose to use medium stripe and soft or smooth waves with some volume. Avoid strong curls as they can make the face look wider.

Round face


The round faces are equal in width and length, without prominent angles. Round faces are youthful faces. Selena Gómez, Ginnifer Goodwin and Miranda Kerr are examples of round faces.

Hairstyles for round faces


The most suitable hairstyles for the round face are those that make it look more oval. A quick trick is to leave a lock of hair on one side of the face. That creates a narrower visual effect. Long, straight hair also looks good on round faces, but don’t be sorry if you’ve already cut it. You can have the long hair again, in just a few minutes. You can use 100% human hair extensions , Remy quality. With extensions of such high quality I assure you that nobody will notice that it is not your own hair.

The line on the side is also flattering, so that more angles are created in the face. Also a high ponytail will make the face look longer and therefore thinner.

Elongated face


Elongated faces are similar to oval faces, but longer. Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler are examples of elongated faces.

Hairstyles for elongated faces


Your hairstyle should make your face look wider than it is. How do you make your face look wider? Curls. Curly hair, especially if it is large waves, makes the face look wider. The waves must be at the level of the cheekbones so that the volume in that area creates the effect we are looking for. And of course, a bangs gives a similar visual effect, because it makes the face look shorter.

However, very long hair can make the face look thinner and longer. The same goes for hairstyles that give volume at the crown, such as pigtails or high bows.

As you can see there are hairstyles for each type of face, which will help you to enhance your virtues and disguise the points that you do not like.

And what is your face shape? Is there a hairstyle that suits you for your type of face?

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