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The best hairstyles for graduation. You can be the prom queen.

After many exams and hours of study, the most anticipated day has arrived. A student’s greatest illusion. Your graduation’s here. That great night can be an unforgettable experience or a complete disaster. To make it a memorable night you just have to choose with care and attention to every detail. Dresses, make-up and hairstyles for graduation are the key to a perfect evening’s success. But which to choose?

Getting ready for prom doesn’t have to be so hard. All you need is a few ideas so that you can choose what suits you best and make that night shine with its own light. That’s why we want to help you with the best graduation hairstyle ideas.

Latest trends in hairstyles for graduation

The secret to a perfect hairstyle is that it should complement your outfit, not control your entire look. That’s why the ideas for graduation hairstyles that we propose in this article will be very useful to you.

Large loose waves

There are many elaborate and extravagant hairstyles. However, sometimes the simplest ones have the most impact. An example of this is wearing long hair, with large, loose waves. That way you’ll look glamorous and, at the same time, simple. Also, you can do it yourself, or with the help of a friend, and thus you save the stylist.


If your hair isn’t long and voluminous, don’t worry, there’s a solution for that. Use 100% human hair extensions remy. With long extensions you can get a shocking look, which astonishes all your friends.


The ponytail, in all its versions, is the most universal hairstyle that exists. It has the beauty of simplicity and is also very flattering, because it stylizes the face.


Maybe someone thinks it’s just a sports hairstyle, but nothing to do with it. The way you do it will determine whether it will give you an elegant or rather informal touch. Of course, this time we’re looking for graduation hairstyles, so it won’t be just any pigtail. Hair extensions will take you to another level, as you can see in the photo above.

Watch the following video and you’ll see examples of spectacular ponytails that won’t go unnoticed.

Hairstyles for graduation with braids

Big, bold braids are still the trend. It’s an ideal hairstyle for young people, that doesn’t go out of style. But the key to it attracting all eyes is that it has a lot of length and a lot of volume.


Some examples are Gigi Hadid, Zendaya, or Jennifer Lopez herself, who like to wear extra-long braids.

The way to achieve such a braid is with long, natural hair extensions. You can choose the clip extensions , because you can use them only when you want. They can be strategically placed in the hair so that they are not noticed when making the braid.

If you want to be the queen of the dance with the most attractive graduation hairstyle, braids are an excellent choice.

In this video we show you a tutorial of a hairstyle with herringbone braid very easy to do.

Bubble horsetail

The bubble ponytail is a simple hairstyle but it steals the whole show. And if you add a few extensions of natural hair, to add length and volume, I assure you that you will not be able to avoid attracting all eyes. We’re very sorry for your friends, but with this hairstyle the center will be you.


You can use both high and low bubble ponytail. If you want elegance and sophistication you will get it using the low ponytail, as seen in the photo above. But if you want to give a youthful and sexy look, showing off your back, you’ll look great wearing it high.

And remember that the secret for it to be spectacular is that it should be long and thick. Get that effect with hair extensions. Because it’s a day that won’t be repeated in your life and you deserve it.

Low ribbon

Of all the hairstyles for graduation this is undoubtedly the most requested. It is actually ideal for any elegant event because it is refined and stylish. It is the representation of the most sophisticated simplicity.


It’s an ideal hairstyle to let your earrings stand out, if you’re planning to wear large earrings.

Also with this hairstyle you can use hair extensions, or a hairpiece that gives volume to the bun.

Braid crown

If you are a girl with a free soul, this boho chic hairstyle is for you. It’s so versatile that you can wear it as both a promotion hairstyle for long hair and a promotion hairstyle for short hair. In both ways it’s possible and it looks very nice.


You can do this hairstyle in different ways. You can make a braid that surrounds the entire circumference of the head, as seen in the photo.

Another way is to make two braids on the sides and join them behind the head with a latch or hook.

The rest of your hair can be waved and left loose. Or you can also pick it up, with an air of imperfection, as seen in the photo. Choose the option you prefer, taking into account the dress and accessories you will wear.

Perfect smooth

Impeccable straight hair is a timeless look that never loses elegance. But since we are talking about hairstyles for graduation, we have to do it in such a way that it raises passions. If you really want to be the center of attention with straight hair, you have to take it to the extreme. That is to say, that the mane is long, if possible XL, and with a lot of volume. At the same time, the hair should look healthy and shiny. If you manage to gather those characteristics, many heads will turn to admire you.


The way to do that is simpler than you think. Straight hair has, in itself, less volume than curly hair. That’s why the quickest and most effective way to add volume is to use extensions. For a beautiful, healthy and shiny mane, use remy natural hair extensions. Only then will they look as natural as your own hair, so much so that no one will notice that they are extensions. Choose smooth extensions to effortlessly achieve the look you’re looking for.

Tilted ribbon

For romantics there’s nothing better than a lopsided bow. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate, on the contrary, it can be casual and a little messy.

Graduation hairstyles are among the preferred and most sought after.

If you want something simple but that highlights your features, the hairstyle on the side may be what you’re looking for.


Bulky ribbon

You’re never wrong about a classic bow tie. This hairstyle is elegant, yet modern and youthful. In addition, it is a hairstyle that exudes self-esteem and self-confidence, evident to everyone around you. And actually, that’s what you have to convey at a graduation party, confidence to carve out the future you want. Well chosen graduation hairstyles can give weight, not only to your look that night, but also to the first steps of a new stage in your life.


A bulky bow is not difficult to make. You can use an accessory to make the bow or bun look louder. This accessory is called donuts or dona, and with it you can make a perfect hairstyle in a few minutes.

Romantic curly ribbon

This is the ideal hairstyle for curly-haired girls. It is because it has, in a natural way, a wonderful volume and remains romantic without any effort. So, if your natural hair is curly, don’t fight it.


This hairstyle is very easy to do because it does not follow a fixed pattern. All you have to do is raise the hair, roll it up and hold it with hooks. It should look casual and romantic. For this you must not forget to leave waves around the face, to achieve the romantic point you seek. You can put some adornment to make it look more elegant.

Which hairstyles for graduation do you like the most

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