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The best hairstyles with French Braids

Do you like braids? Most of us would love to wear a beautiful braid. However, one of the most common limitations to this hairstyle is that we do not have a very long or thick mane to look pretty. With extensions we can make our hair grow and gain volume. So with beautiful hair extensions you can make braids. French braid hairstyles can be the most practical solution if you need to have your hair done. You can use it for a special occasion or even for your daily activities. I bring you some French braid models that you will like for sure.

What is French braid

The French braid is the one that begins at the crown of the head and picks up all the hair until it reaches the ends. This is done by dividing the hair into three small strands that become thicker as the braiding progresses.


The lock on the left passes over the central lock and the lock on the left passes over the right lock which has now become the central lock. You have to add hair to every lock of hair. Usually the French braid is made in the back centered form, but it is not the rule. There are some variants that also look nice.

French braid hairstyles with hair extensions

French braid to one side


The French braid to one side is one of the most beautiful types of braids you can wear. You do the same procedure as the traditional French braid but to one side of the head. When you finish making the braid it will fall over your shoulder. You’ll have a romantic but casual look. You can use this type of hairstyle if you want to pick up your hair on a hot day but want to keep your style impeccable.

French braid double style


When I talk to you about the double style of the French braid, I mean making two braids on each side of the head. I assure you you won’t look like a girl, they look very elegant and keep the hair in place. Surely you’ve seen the Kardashian with this kind of braid, haven’t you?

The double French braid can be done even on medium or short hair, but here I’m talking about how good they look long and you achieve this with hair extensions. Don’t think the Kardashian don’t use these handy accessories.

Reverse French braid or Dutch style


Here the French braid changes nationality and becomes Dutch. Sounds funny but that’s the name of the inverted French braid. In this opportunity you will have to weave the braid in the opposite way as you were doing it. You’re going to pass the lateral tufts under the central tufts. The braid is superimposed on the surface and not inwards as is the case with the traditional braid.

Any style you choose in French braid hairstyles can look very good. And the best of all is that you can do it with extensions, I assure you that you will not regret the results.

We show you in the following video how to place the clip extensions in order to make a French braid with extensions.

It’s very easy to achieve a beautiful braid, isn’t it?

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