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The best ideas for Wavy Hairstyles

It’s beautiful to see a woman with long, abundant wavy hair. He’s attractive, sexy and seductive. But not everyone is lucky enough to have hair long enough or voluminous enough to wear this style. However, the use of extensions can solve this problem in just minutes. Learn in this post how to make a hairstyle for wavy hair.

Advantages of wavy hairstyle with extensions

If your hair is naturally wavy, you must learn to make the most of this great advantage. Wavy hair looks perfect and you can wear it up or down and still look good.


The hairstyles with waves offer you simplicity and practicality at the same time. If you don’t have the joy of having waves or your hair is short, don’t worry, extensions can be very useful. In just a few minutes you can make a wavy hairstyle that makes you look great. The clip extensions allow you to place the extensions yourself , to change your look quickly and only when you want.

Watch the following video to learn how to put on some clip extensions yourself.

Simple hairstyle models for wavy hair

To give you an idea of what you can do with waves, I’ve left you two simple models of wavy hairstyle that you can do at any time:

Option #1: Semi-directional with braid


This is a very simple wave hairstyle that can also be done using extensions. You can take this kind of hairstyle anywhere, as it can be a causal or formal option.

Taking two sections on each side of hair, roll each one inwards, at the moment of joining both parts ends up making a nice braid. You can opt for a French trenza french or ear, whichever you like best.

Leave the rest of the hair loose so that you look the beautiful waves, remember that you can use wavy extensions to achieve a better effect on your hair.

Option #2: Semi-directional on one side


Another option that will help you take advantage of a wavy scalp is to make a semi-directed half-side. Just braid one section of hair on one side so that the other side is completely loose and wearing beautiful waves.

Encourage yourself to innovate with your hair, choose 100% human hair extensions , that mix well with your natural hair. Try using one of the hairstyle options I have recommended and enjoy your waves.

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