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The bride’s hairstyle test. What you need to know before you do it

Your wedding day is a day to enjoy and feel beautiful. That’s why you shouldn’t leave the most important thing to improvisation. You can’t leave things like your dress, makeup, shoes or bridal hairstyle for the last minute. So just as you wouldn’t improvise with the dress, you shouldn’t improvise with the hairstyle.


That’s why it’s best to do one or more hair tests. Tests are necessary to find the most flattering bridal hairstyle for you. The hairstyle you choose should enhance your beauty and reflect your style and personality. That’s why it’s worth getting together with the stylist you want to comb your hair on that special day.

The test is not only useful to know which hairstyle suits you best, it also helps you in other aspects. For example, when you do the test you will know how much time your stylist needs to do your hairstyle. Knowing that will help you schedule your exact wedding day. That way you’ll avoid unnecessary inconvenience and delay.

In this article we will help you take every step, in the preparations prior to your big day.


Reserve with time the test of the bride’s hairstyle

Book the hairstyle test about three months before the wedding. That way you’ll have the opportunity to do several tests, if the first one didn’t convince you.

Natural hair for test

It is convenient that to the test of hairstyle you take the hair washed and dry. That way the stylist can see what your natural texture is and decide which products and tools to use on your hair. In addition, this will be good for you to make good use of the time of the test, and not waste time washing and drying.


After the test do not make radical changes in hair color or cut. What would be convenient is to cut the tips so that they look fuller and healthier. However, make sure they only cut off your tips. If the cut is very noticeable the programmed bride hairstyle may not look like the test.

Look for the bridal hairstyle of your dreams in Instagram and Pinterest

Searching Instagram and Pinterest for your favourite hairstyles has become a trend in recent years. And for your bridal hairstyle could not be different, because they are the catalog, unofficial, more extensive than exists.

When you find the hairstyle you want, show the photos to the stylist who will do your hair. That way he can understand what you want and know how to do it.


Be open-minded

It’s important to keep an open mind and not limit yourself to your usual style. Perhaps innovating your wedding day will be a success and surprise all your guests. Besides, isn’t that what the hairstyle test is for?

Dare with hairstyles that you consider impossible to do with the length of your hair. Don’t limit yourself. Use 100% human Remy hair extensions to achieve your dream hairstyle.


NaisHair has many types of extensions available for you to choose from. If you want to use them only that day and on other special occasions, the ones that suit you are the clip extensions. But if you also want to use them on your honeymoon, more permanent ones such as adhesive extensions will be more comfortable for you. That way you’ll still be as beautiful as at the wedding, but without taking the time to remove and put on extensions.

Make sure you have all the details

To the test you must take the accessories that you will use in the wedding, like for example, the headdress and the veil. In this way the stylist will test not only the hairstyle but also how to place the accessories you have chosen. If you don’t already have them with you, bring pictures of headdresses and veils that are similar to the ones you want to wear. This can help the hairdresser get an idea of how he has to place them on the wedding day.


You should also wear earrings so you can combine hairstyle and earrings in the best way.

Do also the makeup test

For the test to be complete, ideally you should schedule the makeup test for the same day. That way you can have a complete picture of the final result. If you do so you can see if the hairstyle and makeup you chose complement each other in a harmonious way. Otherwise you will be in time to make the necessary changes.

Take someone you trust to the test

Although a bridal hairstyle test can be exciting, we recommend that you don’t take all of your friends with you. The last thing you need at that moment is a lot of opinions that only confuse you. Therefore, choose only one or two trusted people to accompany you. They can be your mother, your sister or a friend, but they must be people who understand well what you want.


Observe the durability of the bride’s hairstyle

After the bridal hairstyle is done and you are satisfied with the result, it is time to test its durability. Program different activities to do after the test, such as shopping, going out with friends or going dancing.


That’ll let you know how long your hairstyle will hold on the day of the wedding. In case it falls apart easily, tell the stylist. Based on that he will take the necessary precautions so that the day of the wedding nothing tarnishes your joy.

The details that we suggest will make the difference so that your wedding is a resounding success and you are the prettiest bride.


Share your illusion with us. Write in the comments any other detail that is useful to you to have the perfect bride hairstyle.