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Two secrets solved for a hair like Kim Kardashian


Can we do the same? Can we set trends or at least follow her hairstyle steps?

You can, without a doubt, and we’ll tell you how:

What do you have to do to have hair like Kim Kardashian

The first thing we should know is that without hair, without volume and without length, we will have very few resources to work our image as she does.

One of the details in which we can realize that it undoubtedly carries all the weight of your image is the amount of hair you have. This gives you an infinite number of possibilities to really unleash your creativity, practically without limits. We don’t just talk about the length of her hair anymore, if you look at it, the thickness and amount of volume make a clear difference with other girls with similar hair length.


You have a good hair length, but you don’t get the same effect, character, personality or forcefulness with which we are used to seeing Kim… Why?

FIRST SECRET: It’s not a question of how long your hair is, but how much volume it has. That’s why, even if you put a lot of effort with a diffuser, patience and a lot of care, you never get the same volume. The secret prevails in the amount of hair on a horizontal level, as a hair curtain . Therefore, unless it is the nature of your scalp, you will need to use hair curtains. This reveals something that we often discard due to ignorance: hair extensions are not used exclusively to have longer hair. In fact, in almost all cases, they are used to provide more volume, naturally and durably. Do you realize how much Kim Kardashian has?



What if, in your case, besides not having the volume we have talked about, your hair is short? Do you have any chance of looking like Kim Kardashian?

SEGUNDO SECRETO: Starting with short hair can be the opposite of what you think. It’s a GREAT ADVANTAGE, as this gives you a chance for radical and spontaneous changes that someone with long hair can’t have. The secret is the type of human extensions a to use. That is to say, in this case the extensions do us a double function, they provide us with the volume and thickness that we need, besides the length that we want, to look like Kim, but… with a very valuable extra added: You can have long and thick hair and change to have it short in an almost instantaneous way. How? As we tell you, the secret is which type of extensions to use.

As we all know, extensions can have several types of fastening. The choice depends, in many cases, on the strength or determination you have to use them permanently … O NO! Here is the “question kit” because if you know how to put clip extensions, known as “removable ones” you can have in a moment the length and thickness to play with your hair as Kim Kardashian does, but return to your initial state as soon as you see it opportune, simply removing the extensions yourself and save them for another occasion.


So… as you can see, it’s very simple to be able to wear hair like Kim Kardashian. Adapt yourself, as she does, to the fashion or the event you are presented with. What will take you the longest to decide is which of Kim’s looks you like the most. And as you’ve seen, it’s easy to do. Everything else is resolved.