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Which bangs to wear according to the shape of the face

The bangs are back.

All the girls have worn bangs at some point in our lives. A bangs is one of the most transformative changes you can make to your appearance. Whether you have bangs now or not, you should know it’s a trend. Just take a look at Instagram and you’ll see how the fringe imposes itself. But first of all you must know what type of bangs suits each type of face. Now is the time to wear bangs again, but this time use the bangs that are most flattering to you.

In this article we will give you a complete guide to everything you need to know about the different types of fringes.

What is the right bangs for your face shape

Not all fringes go well for all different face shapes. However, before choosing which type of fringe is best for you, it is necessary to determine which is your type of face and which hairstyle is most flattering for each form of face . The different types of faces can be divided into five more differentiated categories: Round Face, Oval Face, Heart Face, Elongated Face and Square Face. That’s why we’ll show you the ideal fringe for the shape of your face. Besides, we’ll also see which one best fits your personality.

Round: Side fringe

The round face is usually the same length in height and width. Although the cheekbones are usually the widest part of the face, they do not have very sharp angles. It is a childish face, which always retains a youthful appearance.


The fringe that suits you best is the tilted fringe, because it creates the visual effect of a longer face.

Square: Light fringe

The square face is characterized by very sharp angles in the jaw. In addition, the forehead, cheekbones and jaw have the same width.


That’s why if you want to wear a fringe, it’s best if it helps soften your features. Whether you want to wear it straight or tilted, it should be a delicate, light fringe that softens the angles of your face. That way the fringe will sweeten your features, as if it makes them seem more round.

Oval: Any Fleck

The oval face is a little longer than wide and the cheekbones protrude a little from the rest of the contour of the face. However, it does not have very sharp angles so it is a very sweet and balanced face.


It is considered the ideal face. That’s why any hairstyle suits you. It’s the same with bangs, because whichever one you choose will suit you very well.

Heart: Open curtain fringe

A heart-shaped face is thin on the chin and wide on the forehead. The cheekbones are usually prominent and at the hairline is usually shaped like a beak in the center. They call this beak a widow’s beak.


The most flattering fringe is the one that balances the forehead and chin. Therefore, curtain fringe is ideal for this type of face. Especially if it’s open in the center. In order to achieve the desired effect must be long, reaching the chin. In this way the fringe adds width to the chin. In addition, this type of fringe is compatible with the widow’s beak, which is usually part of the heart-faced face.

Long: Straight fringe

The elongated face is straight, long and thin. The chin is usually pronounced, as is the forehead. However, the cheekbones do not stand out. This kind of face is usually tough. That’s why the goal of elongated face hairstyles should be to sweeten the features. Ideally, volume at the top of the head should be avoided. In addition, using a fringe can visually shorten the length of the face. Of course, with the right bangs you can create a childish face effect and a little more rounded.


The ideal fringe for elongated faces is the fringe blunt, dense, straight and covering the eyebrows. If the bangs were above the eyebrows, the face would look even longer.

Choose the bangs according to your personality

The truth is that although the shape of the face can influence our choice of the most flattering hairstyle, what best suits us is what identifies us. In other words, the hairstyle or haircut that best reflects our personality is what makes us feel most comfortable. The bangs you choose can also reflect who you are and the image you want others to perceive of you.



If you are bold and like to be different, innovating with original looks, what represents you may be a micro fringe. This type of fringe will make you stand out for being unique. It also dramatically highlights the eyes, making it ideal for expressive girls with a lot of personality.



If you like everything sophisticated and glamorous, and you don’t like to go unnoticed. The dense and forceful fringe is a change that will be noticed.



The sideways but thick fringes are for determined girls, with a free spirit, strong personality and who like to make their own decisions. If you identify with that personality, this type of bangs represents you.

Any of these fringes is compatible with the use of extensions. So if you want to use extensions you can do it, but our recommendation is that they are 100% human hair extensions Remy. If they’re not Remy they won’t look natural and damage your look.

Would you like to try some of these fringes? Share with us your ideas of the perfect bangs.

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