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Why do people love the Hygge style?

Have you ever heard of hygge style? You may already have heard this new trend, not just hair but a true lifestyle. The Danish word “hygge” translated into Spanish means “comfort”. What perfectly describes this Scandinavian style that is characterized by being relaxed. The hygge style is the main trend in interior decoration and in the fashion world, of course, hair could not be left out. Look at the hygge hairstyle ideas I have for you today.

What are hygge


The hygge trend, as I have already mentioned, is a way of life that refers to comfort. It implies a relaxed and peaceful style that conveys tranquility and ease. But how do you bring this style to your hair?


Hygge hair involves wearing it as naturally as possible. When it comes to color, you can wear it with reflections that resemble your natural hair. If your hair grows and the roots appear, you don’t have to worry, that’s the style that hygge.

is looking for.

Now if you want to wear hygge style hairstyles, you have to put aside the complicated and this is what most attracts the attention of this style. The ideal is that you take it to the natural one and in a casual way, even so keep in mind that one thing is a relaxed style and another very different one is the carelessness. To reflect the true hygge style you must have healthy hair , so you must take good care of it. Hair extensions can be a great help in this regard, they will make your hair look healthier and bulkier.

Models of hygge


Fastless temper

This casual bow is very simple and will make you look great. To start, comb all your hair backwards, collect all your hair in a low ponytail. The idea is that you make a kind of knot, you will achieve it by making a hole just above the ponytail and passing through there the whole tail of hair. You can make several turns or just one and give it volume by loosening a little so that it doesn’t get so tense.



This is a classic that is always in fashion. It consists of collecting all your hair in a tail, can be tall, but make sure not to tighten too much you must loosen a little to look natural. This hairstyle gives a very natural, youthful and relaxed air.


Best Style Braids hygge


The braids are the perfect complement for the hygge style hairstyles, they give that special touch to the hair. If you like to weave your hair, then take a look at these suggestions I have brought you to braid your hair hygge.

You can transform any half-way with braid into a hygge style hairstyle. All you have to do is try not to make the braid so neat that it gets that particular bohemian air.
The hair that is going to be loose leave it to nature, perhaps with some unstructured waves.
If you plan to collect all the hair in a single braid, then at the end of weaving you must open the braid with the pointed end of a comb. With this you will achieve a loose and relaxed effect, not so structured and rigid.
Leave some tufts in the air, as if they had come out by chance, even if you did it on purpose.
You can weave any kind of braid, as long as you take these suggestions into account.

Take care of your hair if you want to wear hygge



To achieve hygge style hairstyles it must appear that the hair is disheveled but healthy. Try to wash it with shampoo and conditioner that are nutritious for hair fiber. Take good care of the ends of the hair so that they are not mistreated. You can achieve the ideal look if you let your hair dry outdoors, without using a hairdryer. Don’t forget to add 100% human hair extensions to hygge style hairstyles to get enough volume and look beautiful. As the success of these hygge hairstyles is guaranteed if you have a lot of volume in hair .

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