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Worried about making a good braid in your hair? Read this

To show off your hair you can make different hairstyles that enhance its natural beauty. Most of us love braids, don’t we? You may not have decided to have braided hair yet because you feel you don’t have enough hair to make a good braid or because you don’t know when it’s okay to wear braids. In the next post I’ll explain how to solve these problems. Read on and discover simple and very fast solutions to make your hairstyles with braids.

Extensions and hairstyles with braids

Hairstyles with braids have been highlighted as an excellent option to wear at all times. The relationship of braids to childhood has been left behind and even famous girls wear braids on their hair. If you still haven’t braided your hair because it’s too short or because your hair is not abundant, today I’m rebelling against the secret to achieve thick and long braids. Extensions! Yes, hair extensions are the perfect solution in these cases.


You can place them so that they do not show when you comb your hair and you will see excellent results. Did you think that the braids you see on the Internet are only the original hair of who models them? Of course you don’t. The use of extensions has become so common that it is very strange that an actress or celebrity does not always wear them.

If you don’t have the volume or length you want, you can opt for some beautiful extensions. With them you will have long and voluminous hair in just minutes. The good thing about extensions is that they go unnoticed and some you can put them on yourself.

Advantages of doing your hair with braids


The use of braids brings with it several advantages that make them the best hairstyle of all. I’ll tell you some of those advantages.

They are hairstyles that you can wear on any occasion, depending on how you work the braid. From hairstyles for a special event to simply going to the gym.
Braids are practical and, although some are very elaborate, most are simple to make.
They give you the satisfaction of keeping your hair in place without it getting easily disheveled by the activity you have. That way you’ll be calm without worrying about what your hair looks like.

Types of hairstyles with braids

#1 Boxing braids


For those days where you are going to have a lot of activity, the best style of braid is the famous boxing. By this I mean the pair of braids that go one on each side of the head from the crown to the tip. In general, braiding is used outwards so that the braid is embossed.

With this hairstyle you can be sure that not a single hair will move out of place. The braid catches all the hairs on the way. To make this kind of braid use a brush with soft bristles to put each hair in place and avoid tangles.

#2 Braided ribbon


If you want to look elegant but you don’t have much time to do something very elaborate, opt for a braided bun or chongo. Don’t be a perfectionist when you do it, because the striking thing about the chongo is that it looks natural.

Choose the height at which you want to carry the chongo and leave two locks on the sides to make braids that you will join with the chongo. Remember to do a relaxed and natural hairstyle.

#3 Comb braid


In a few minutes you can look elegant with this hairstyle. It is very easy to make and gives you a romantic and sensual look. Split your hair with a stripe to one side, braid one of the parts of the hair, the side with the least hair. Make it tense so it looks like a half-sided comb. On the opposite side leave it loose, you can make some waves that give more life and volume to the hair.

#4 French Braid


The French braid is a classic that should not be missing in your repertoire of hairstyles. As simple as they are, they can give you an attractive, natural look. If you take locks from the top of the head, you can incorporate all the hair in a beautiful braid.

100% human hair extensions . With them your braid will look very natural and you will gain length and volume.

#5 Headband Braid


If you want to make a collection but it is not boring, you can choose to make a kind of crown or braided headband. Start by weaving the hair from the front of the head and then end up surrounding the entire circumference. This hairstyle with braids looks very nice and although it is simple it gives the appearance of being very elaborate.

More photos of hairstyles with braids

caption id=”attachment_4628″ align=”aligncenter” width=”640″]1 In this hairstyle the girl has two spike braids on each side. Note that it is not necessary that they are perfect but rather with a relaxed style.[/caption]

This is another model of penis with spike type trnza. It starts from the crown of the head and extends over one side of the head.
This is an example of the famous Dutch braid, it is similar to the French braid, but you have to knit the hair downwards so that the braid is in relief.
You can make a ponytail and knit the rest of your hair. Leave a loose tuft to surround the rubber that collects the hair.
Note how you can thin out the tuft of a braid to give a more voluminous finish.

As you have seen, braided hairstyles have become a trend. Even famous women wear braided hair, for example the Kardashian sisters, who with the use of extensions and braids have enhanced the appearance of their hair. Encourage yourself also to weave your hair with beautiful braids.

In the video you can see below we show you the strategy to place the clip extensions in such a way that you can make a French braid, long and voluminous, without seeing the extension.

I hope you have found useful ideas in this article. Tell us any doubt or question you have, below in the comments.

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