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Advantages of Remy Clip Quality Extensions

Clip extensions are the temporary extensions par excellence. And it is that they are the most used and the most liked. However, because they are removable extensions, sometimes the users of these extensions do not give importance to quality. They don’t think it’s necessary to buy them of good quality, but after they start using them, they regret it. In this post we show you the advantages of acquiring good remy clip extensions. What should you bear in mind when choosing quality clip extensions?

Remy Clip Extensions of good quality

Girls looking for extensions, especially if it’s the first time they use them, tend to settle for the cheaper ones, which are usually synthetic or mixed. Or maybe they want remy hair extensions, but at a very cheap price. The reality is that if they are very cheap you can’t expect them to be of very good quality. In many cases the package says that they are remy hair, but with the first wash you will realize that this is not the case. If you want to know what remy hair is, you can read another one of our posts, where you will learn how to differentiate remy hair extensions from those that are not.

The disadvantage of this type of extensions is that if they are made of synthetic hair, they will never look completely natural. In addition, they spoil and lose their shine after a few washes. And even if they’re natural, if they’re not remy hair, they’ll get tangled up very easily. They’ll lose their shine and softness from the moment you wash them. And just because they’re removable extensions, or temporary, I don’t think you like wearing extensions that don’t look natural or don’t look pretty, do you?


For this reason, many people with criteria prefer to pay a little more to wear 100% human href=””>human hair extensions , of remy quality, that do not become tangled and that do not lose their beauty, and therefore, their dignity. In addition, choosing remy hair clip extensions allows you to wear them for much longer, making them cheaper in the long run.

Cheap natural hair extensions clip

If you don’t currently have enough to buy expensive extensions, you can opt for cheap clip extensions , but without giving up remy natural hair. Don’t settle for non-remy or synthetic extensions. It’s true that they’re very cheap, but they won’t give you the careful, natural and beautiful look you’re looking for.

Our line of low cost extensions will surprise you with their quality. They are 100% natural hair, but at a lower price. They are an excellent choice if you are going to start using extensions and want to try before spending a large amount of money. After you wear them and fall in love with the sensation of having a spectacular mane, we recommend our premium quality clip extensions, with full tips and unbeatable quality.


Advantages of Remy Clip

These types of extensions are advantageous for many reasons. The first advantage is that because they have remy hair, they last much longer. They usually last from 8 months to a year. And, depending on how often you use them and the care you give them, they can last even longer. They don’t get tangled any more than your own hair and have a 100% natural look. No one will notice you’re using extensions.

Another advantage is that you can place the clip extensions yourself. You won’t have to pay for the expensive services of a professional who will fit them for you. This means that even if you buy premium quality products, they are still cheaper for you, because you save on the cost of installation.

In the following video we show you how you can put them on yourself.

On the other hand, the fact that they are temporary allows you to use them only when you feel like it. Also, you don’t have to sleep with them, as you would with permanent or fixed extensions. For this reason they will not cause you unnecessary discomfort. You also don’t have to wash them as often as you wash your hair, extending their life. This greatly simplifies the care that must be given.

The best clip extensions on the market: Virgin remy hair clip extensions


Do you want clip extensions that last 2 years or more? Do you also want to be able to bleach and dye to your liking? Then all you have to do is buy a curtain from virgin natural Indian hair and sew some hair clips yourself.

A curtain measures between 1.30 and 1.40 centimeters wide. You can cut it to measures that are appropriate for you. There are usually three large for the back of different sizes and two smaller for the sides of the head. All of them are cut double, that is, in two layers, so that they are with sufficient volume. After cutting them, you can sew the micro forceps on them. Of the three that go in the back of the head, you must put first the smallest of the three, in the lowest part. That’s what determines the total length of the mane.

Virgin hair is hair that has never been processed or treated with any type of chemical product. For this reason there is no hair more beautiful and lasting than virgin hair.

If you don’t know how to sew the clips to the curtain, watch the following video. In it we explain how to sew the combs to the curtain.

As you could see it’s very easy to sew the clips to the curtain. In this simple way you get the best clip extensions that exist in the market of extensions.

Whether you choose virgin hair extensions, cheap clip extensions or whatever, it’s important to make sure they’re remy hair extensions, without mixes. Don’t settle for less.

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