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Are synthetic hair extensions a good choice?

You’ve already decided to use extensions, but you don’t know which ones to buy. Maybe you’d like to get quality extensions that aren’t too expensive. You may have seen cheap extensions on Ebay and Aliexpress, so why would you pay more than that for a few extensions? Before making a decision you should know well what you want and the types of extensions there are. Do you want synthetic hair extensions or human hair extensions? If you know the pros and cons of each you will know how to make the best decision. That’s why today we’ll show you everything you need to know about synthetic extensions.

What are synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are made with fine plastic or nylon fibers that mimic human hair. The quality of these synthetic fibres may vary. And although some are better than others, to all without exception, their movement betrays them. They move differently than human natural hair. That’s why they don’t mimic your hair at all. They tend to have a stiffer appearance than human hair, like doll hair. That’s why we recommend that you think carefully about whether the cheapest option is the one that suits you best.

In the video below you can see the difference between synthetic hair extensions and natural hair extensions.

Synthetic hair curtains

Synthetic hair requires a lot of work, you must dedicate a lot of time and care, because it gets tangled too easily. So if you decide to use synthetic hair curtains sewn to your hair, it means you have to do things like sleep and wash your head with them. This further complicates the situation, as it will require even more care.

You will always need to carry a comb and some cream or liquid to undo the knots that are forming continuously. If you don’t do so, it may be impossible to untangle all the accumulated knots at the end of the day.

For that reason, if you use synthetic hair extensions, temporary extensions may be more convenient. The removable extensions are not so badly treated. For example, clip extensions don’t have to be washed as often as you wash your own hair. In addition, you should remove them before going to bed, so they are not unnecessarily damaged.

Therefore, we do not recommend using synthetic hair with a permanent installation system, such as sewn. If you are going to risk doing so, you must be completely sure that you are going to dedicate the necessary time and care to it. If you’re not sure you can do it, it’s better not to risk it, because it’ll be a disaster.

How long synthetic hair extensions last


The first and biggest drawback of synthetic hair extensions is how little they last. Their duration depends solely on how much they are used, washed, and combed. So if you use them and wash them sporadically they can last longer.

If you use them every day, at best, they don’t usually last more than a month and a half, even if you take care of them.

In some cases, if the extensions are very cheap, they can last only a few days in good condition.

It is important that you use special products for synthetic hair because they will help you keep them in better condition and will not deteriorate so quickly.

Another drawback of synthetic extensions is that they provide a lot of heat. In many cases, they have even produced allergies and itching in the skin of the head and neck.

How to curl synthetic hair extensions


Another big drawback to synthetic hair extensions is that you can’t curl them with irons, tweezers or hair dryers. This is because they are really plastic fibers, which mimic human hair, and with the heat they melt.

There are some heat resistant synthetic extensions, but this must be specified on the packaging. Even then make sure not to exceed the temperature recommended by the manufacturer. But even if you don’t exceed the recommended temperature, the very continuous use of heat tools deteriorates them faster.

The kanekalon synthetic extensions can be curled using another method, quite laborious.

Procedure for curling synthetic extensions without using irons or pliers

To begin with, you must make loops out of thin strands of hair. Fasten the loops with clips or hooks so that they are rolled up, thus maintaining their shape. You can also use curls or bigudíes, so that the curls are better formed.

Once all the hair is rolled up in loops or curls, you have to submerge the hair in very hot water between 1 and 6 minutes. This time can vary, depending on the type of hair you are using.

In order to know for sure how much heat the hair of your extensions can withstand, it is recommended that you do a test with a small tuft of hair. This way you make sure you don’t leave it too long and that the curls don’t form, or too long and that the hair melts.

After removing it from the water, wipe off the excess water with a soft cloth and let it cool down. No need to wait for it to dry completely.

When it’s cold remove the tweezers or curls, and you’ll see that the curls have formed well.

This process is very delicate because if you spend the time that the extensions are in the hot water, they can be damaged. To smooth them again you must put them back in hot water, but this time they must be stretched.

However remember that synthetic hair extensions, the more you wet the faster they will be damaged. So it’s not advisable to curl them like that very often.

Another option much simpler: if you like to wear extensions with curls, buy curly extensions, because that will simplify things a lot.

How to repair synthetic hair extensions


It is very difficult to completely repair synthetic hair extensions. However, something can be done to improve their appearance when they are not very deteriorated.

If they are synthetic extensions that tolerate heat, it is easier to restore them, because the method we are going to propose you requires the use of hair straighteners. However, before applying this method it’s a good idea to try ironing a hidden lock of your extensions to make sure your hair doesn’t melt. You have to do the test with the heat at a minimum.


A container where the extensions can be submerged.
Hot water, not boiling (Enough for the extensions to submerge).
Clothes softener.
A wide-tooth comb.
Heat protection cream or serum. (Let it be a little oily, but not excessively greasy)
Hair straighteners.

Fill the container with hot water and add half a stopper of fabric softener.

Submerge the extensions and leave them for about 10 minutes.

After that time, take them out of the water and drain them with a towel to remove the excess water.

Untangle the extensions with the comb.

Apply the heat protector to the hair.

Before the extensions are completely dry, iron, at minimum temperature, lock by lock. The tufts must be fine for best results. You must iron with very fast passes, so as not to burn your hair.

If you see any other knot, remove the iron, remove the knot with the comb and then continue ironing. Follow the same procedure until you iron them all.

When you finish ironing you can apply a wax, serum, or silk to the hair.

Our recommendation

As you can see synthetic hair extensions have their pros and cons. The advantage they have is their low price. However, there are cheap clip extensions of human natural hair, so you don’t have to settle for synthetic extensions.

In addition, among the cons or disadvantages that have synthetic hair extensions we can mention that they last a short time, are easily tangled, do not look natural, give a lot of heat, can produce allergies, it is very hard to curl and also, can not be dyed as is done with human hair. It is for all these inconveniences that we recommend that you choose good 100% human hair extensions , of quality remy. They will last you up to two years or more, they don’t get tangled any more than your own hair, they look as natural and as yours as your own hair, they can be ironed and curled just like you do with your hair, and they can also be dyed and even bleached, if they are from virgin hair. You’ll win in the end. It’s up to you.

The beauty of human natural hair extensions is indisputable

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