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Cheap Hair Extensions are expensive

You’re looking for your perfect hair extensions. You find a store that has them at a very good price. “I finally got what I was looking for,” some cheap hair extensions!! sounds like a great idea, but is it really a good idea?

Looking for cheap hair extensions?…..

After all, it’s a disposable product, isn’t it? You won’t wear them all your life either… So you throw yourself and ask for a package of these extensions, and when you receive them they look perfect, soft, with a bright color. Oh my God what a bargain! We all like to get a good bargain, but when we talk about buying cheap extensions, there are things to keep in mind.

What am I really looking for when buying cheap hair extensions

What we really look for when we buy hair extensions is to find a hair that looks as close as possible to our own hair, in such a way that it is not noticed that we are wearing them. For this you need 100% human hair extensions , remy quality. And if it’s Indian virgin hair , then much better.

But cheap hair extensions do not use virgin hair from a ponytail, but waste hair from hairdressing salons. This hair is originally tangled and it is not known what is the root and what is the tip of each hair. Solution? they give you a very strong chemical treatment to eliminate any trace of hair cuticle. But the hair cuticle is really your protection. In this way they manage to avoid entanglement, but they are also making this hair weak, brittle and dull. And if that’s not enough, it won’t last long, less than 3 months.

Hair with cuticle
Hair without cuticle

So what do you do so that a hair with no cuticle and no shine can be sold? Well, a couple of chemical treatments that give the pego. With a silicone bath they can make the worst quality hair look healthy and shiny.

But that silicone treatment lasts two days. After a few washes these cheap hair extensions start to get drier, dull and tangled. And now what can be done? Many people think about spending more money on masks, serums, conditioners… everything to achieve something impossible: to make poor quality hair look healthy and beautiful.

Help! Why do my extensions look like doll’s hair


Because cheap hair extensions aren’t remy hair. In other words, they are hair that does not have an intact cuticle and does not go in the same direction. The hair goes in different directions and is constantly tangled. It swells. No matter how much money you spend now to repair cheap hair extensions, there’s not much more you can do.

There are even cheap hair extensions on the market that are not even 100% human hair. Sometimes they carry a percentage of synthetic or even animal hair. That’s why it’s impossible for those cheap extensions to look like your own natural hair. This cheap hair gets tangled, it dries and there’s no way to control it.

Cheap extensions…cheap is expensive…

Now you’ve spent money and energy, but you no longer have extensions. I’m sure you’re looking forward to having a long, voluminous mane again. So in the end you end up buying quality hair extensions and going to a good professional to put them on correctly. You finally spent more than you thought.

So you know, cheap hair extensions may seem like a bargain at first glance, but…popular wisdom doesn’t fail…in the long run, cheap is expensive.


Where can you buy quality, natural hair extensions that are cheap

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