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How many hair extensions does it take to get a voluminous mane?

If you’ve already decided to wear extensions, congratulations! We congratulate you for taking the step to feel beautiful and strengthen your self-confidence. To achieve these goals it is necessary that the extensions you choose are of good quality, have a texture similar to your hair, are comfortable for you and also know how much hair is needed to get the mane you want. And that’s what we’ll help you choose in this post, how many extensions you put in your hair.

How to calculate how much hair is needed to have a spectacular mane


Many people ask us: “How much hair do I need, how many microring extensions do I need, or how many adhesive extensions do I need?” But the truth is that each person is different and therefore has different needs and circumstances. That’s why you can’t say a specific amount for everyone. In order to calculate how much hair is needed, several factors must be taken into account.

First of all, the amount of hair you need will depend on how thick you want your hair to be. If you want a discreet mane that goes unnoticed, you won’t need as many grams as you would need if you want a voluminous mane that stands out.

On the other hand there are other factors that also influence as the size of your head, how you want to apply them, if you are going to cut it, or even what type of cut you want to make them. The opinion of an expert in extensions can help you a lot in these questions, so do not hesitate to consult with a professional of your confidence. You also have to take into account the length of your own hair. That is, if you have short hair and want to get a long mane with extensions, you will need more hair. However, if you already have long hair and only want to lengthen a few centimetres you will need fewer grams.

How many extensions wicks do I need


If you like the type of extensions that are placed by strands such as keratin or micro ring extensions, use at least 100 to 150 units (about 125 grams of hair).

The longer your hair, the less you need.

How many hair curtains are needed for short hair


For the stitched curtain we recommend buying one or two packages. Each package has about 100 grams of hair. Remember that the longer the hair of the extensions, the less volume the curtain will have. This is because the 100% human hair extensions are sold by the grams, so if the hair extensions are short, the package will have more hair strands, up to 100 grams, which is what a package has approximately. But in the case of extensions 60 cm , or more, the 100 grams have fewer strands, that is, less volume.

In the case of the adhesive curtain, please note that the adhesive does not bear much weight. Therefore we do not recommend this method of placement if you have short hair and want a long mane with a lot of volume.

Also remember that if you choose extensions of more than 50 centimeters is necessary to buy more grams to get enough volume.

How many curtains come out of an extension package

A package has a curtain between 1.20 and 1.30 centimeters wide. You will have to cut it to measures that are appropriate for you. But they usually come out three large for the back of different sizes and two smaller for the sides of the head. All of them are cut double, that is to say, in two layers, so that they remain with a little more volume. Of the three that go in the back of the head, you must put first the smallest of the three, in the lowest part. That’s what determines the total length of the mane.

How to calculate how much hair I need depending on the texture of my hair

If you have curly afro hair and want extensions for the whole head you need about 250 to 300 grams. In this case the most used are the hair curtains, sewn to the braided hair. Loose, knotted hair is also commonly used. The amount we suggest applies to both types of extension.


When the hair texture is the European type is usually sufficient with 100 – 150 grams. Although if you already have long hair and just want to add volume and a few centimetres to your hair, less than 100 grams may be enough.

If you want to use adhesive extensions you can use only one package. But if you want a high volume mane, we recommend two packs.

One thing you should also keep in mind is that if you are going to wear straight hair the mane will look less voluminous than if you wear it curly. This means that if you have curly hair and therefore use curly extensions , you will need fewer grams of hair on extensions. But with a smooth mane you would need more grams, if you want it to look quite voluminous.

If you have little hair and very fine perhaps with 100 grams of hair extensions will suffice. On the other hand, if your hair is thick or you have very marked layers, 100 grams is not enough.

Video: “How many extensions do I need for short hair”

In order to know more clearly how many grams of hair for extensions is needed you can watch the following video. It shows the before and after with different number of extensions.

I hope this post helps you know how many extensions you need to get the mane of your dreams.

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