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How to Find the Best Human Hair Extensions

The use of hairpieces and wigs comes from the days of Cleopatra. This trend has slowly evolved into a large industry as women keep pace with hair fashions. Today, the use of human hair extensions is so widespread that not only celebrities can afford to use them.

Achieving a long, abundant mane in a single visit to the salon is so easy nowadays that a woman can have any style she wants, even if her genetics go against her. Not only do they provide wonderful lengths, they can also add volume to fine hair, or add color and highlights without the damaging chemical processes. However, the key to achieving a natural yet long-lasting style is to buy the best hair possible.


Choose human hair extensions

The two main types of hair extensions are synthetic and human. Of the two, human hair is the best. Synthetic hair, although cheaper, cannot be combed with heat. In addition, some women are allergic to fibers, and can cause a rash when they come in contact with their skin. With human hair, no two products are alike.

Some manufacturers of extensions claim to perform extensions with 100% human hair when in fact, it is a mixture of human and synthetic. In other cases, it may be human, but it’s not Remy quality. This means, broadly speaking, that they are over-processed. For this reason they become entangled and entangled easily. After being washed, their strawy, dull appearance gives them away.


If you want your extensions to last, it’s best to buy 100% human hair extensions of good quality. It may be more expensive, but it’ll be worth the cost.


The best extensions are Remy human hair, and if they are also virgin, much better

The reason the Remy hair is so superior is because of the direction in which each hair is arranged. Cheap human hair extensions are made by simply placing the hairs together and adhering to a weft, without respecting which are the ends and which are the roots. Remy hair, on the other hand, respects the direction of the cuticles, so all hairs are placed in the same direction. This makes them less likely to become entangled or bristly. It is also more durable and resistant. It is very silky hair, which will stay well under the stress of daily styling.

There are some who call human hair Remy ‘virgin hair’ but in reality they are two different things. Not all Remy hair is virgin. However the virgin hair is Remy. Well, I don’t know if that explanation confused you any more. To put it more simply, if Remy hair has never undergone any chemical processes, such as dyes or perms, then it is Remy hair and virgin hair. And this is undoubtedly the best hair on the market.


Loose hair, machine-sewn curtain or hand-stitched curtain

Many women buy loose hair to apply it strand by strand with keratin, with rings or with individual braiding. But if you want them glued or sewn, you have to buy framed hair. A hair weft is the horizontal support base on which the strands of hair are sewn. It has the appearance of a common curtain, only of hair. That’s why it’s often called a hair curtain or stitched curtain . You can cut it into smaller pieces as you want to place them.

There are two types of hair wefts available on the market, machine-sewn or hand-stitched. Machine wefts are cheaper, but more voluminous. This can make your extensions more noticeable because they have more hair in less space. Because of this the base of attachment can look more bulky, especially if you have very fine hair and little quantity. But that’s precisely why many women prefer them, because with them they achieve a more voluminous mane than with any other type of extensions.

Hand-sewn wefts, on the other hand, are finer, so they go unnoticed, achieving a more natural look. Because when they are sewn by hand they distribute more hair, and therefore have less hair in the same space. It is a good option for women who have very fine hair and also have little hair, since they bulge very little under their own hair.


Seeks opinions of people who have used them

It’s a good thing you do some research on the Internet before you buy. This way you will know the opinion of the majority of women who have used these extensions. After you read or listen to opinions from satisfied customers you can then order them online.

How to know if they are quality extensions

When you examine the hair, check to see if the strands of hair are firmly attached to the weft. You can do it by dragging your fingers through them. If they come off, then you’re in trouble. The last thing you want is to have strands of hair blocking your shower drainage. Or even worse, extensions that get four hairs in time. In addition, some hair contains dye that is lost, leaving the hair dull and discolored. You can check this by wetting the tip of your finger and rubbing the strands. If the color stays on your finger, you don’t want to buy it back. That can happen with very cheap extensions . In the end you’ll realize that cheap is expensive.

So, if you don’t have a lot of money, then choose the option of extensiones baratas, but which are 100% human natural hair. They still have the beauty and advantages of natural hair but a little cheaper.

In the next video you can see how to differentiate human hair extensions from synthetic hair.


You can wear quality hair for a long time if you take care of it. Yes, they are Indian virgin hair can last you more than two years, with proper maintenance. Careful styling and brushing will make hair last, but make sure you find products suitable for hair extensions. Your stylist will be able to advise you on the best products and where to find them. Also, never sleep on damp hair. And take care of your extensions when you go to the beach or pool , taking the necessary precautions. By following these small maintenance steps you will be able to get the most out of your extensions.


Choose an experienced stylist

Premium hair is quite expensive, so make sure the stylist you choose to apply them to you is up to the job. An inexperienced stylist can cost you a lot of money. It could cause results that damage your natural hair. This could result in the removal of the hair you just bought, which could also render it unusable. Do your homework and find out if the stylist has a good reputation. Make sure he has a history of previous work, searching for information about him on the Internet or asking him directly. Being cautious, you will find a hairdresser who can put the extensions in the best way.

You will look beautiful, you will feel comfortable with them and your own hair will not suffer any damage.