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Price of Natural Hair Extensions

Price of natural hair extensions, how much should I actually pay

If you’ve come to this article, perhaps it’s because you’re somewhat confused about the price of hair extensions. It can vary so much from one store to another….Or maybe you’ve gone to several hairdressers to fit what the price of natural hair extensions is including the stylist’s job, but you still don’t have it clear… Let’s see if we can help you:

Most women have come to the erroneous conclusion that natural hair extensions are divided into two types when it comes to price: either they are cheap, but they are not pretty, or they are just for celebrities’ pockets. However, you will be happy to know that there are other options and types of hair extensions between these two extremes.

So, what’s the price of natural hair extensions? The price will vary depending on the quality of the hair used and the method of placement.

Let’s analyze which are the different types of extensions available in the market:

Synthetic hair

These extensions are the cheapest, they are made with non-human hair. The price is about 20€ to 40€ (about 25$ to 45$).


Cheap but low quality hair extensions. Manufactured from waste hair from hairdressers or hair that has already been dyed before. You will be surprised to learn that contrary to what most people think, including the seller himself, this is the most common type of extensions. This hair lasts about 3 to 5 months. The price of these extensions is about 60€ to 90€ (about 70$ to 100$)


Good quality hair extensions. Fewer and fewer companies are selling this type of quality and more are selling non-remy hair. The term “Remy” has been so abused that it has unfortunately lost its original value. If you want to know if your hair extensions are or not Remy look at our article on how to identify the quality of hair remy. The duration of the remy hair is from 8 to 12 months. The price of these extensions is about 90€ to 140€ (about 100$ to 150$).

Remy hair with cuticle

Extensions of very good quality, with the cuticle intact. May last more than 1 year. The price of hair with cuticle is about 150-200€ (170-220$)

Virgin hair

Best quality hair extensions. With proper maintenance, this hair can last up to 2 years or more. The disadvantage of this hair is that it is only available in the original color, there is no virgin blonde hair at a reasonable price. The only virgin hair that is a natural blonde is Russian hair, but it is so rare that its price does not fall below 1000€ (1300$). 99% natural virgin hair comes from Asian countries and its original color is dark. The price of virgin hair is about 140-200€.


As we said in this other article if you’re thinking about buying cheap hair extensions , remember that cheap can be expensive for you. That’s why we recommend investing a little more in quality hair extensions. In the long run it’ll be more profitable for you.

On the other hand, a detail that should not be forgotten when comparing the price of natural hair extensions, is that sometimes some stores sell packages at a very affordable price, but the amount of hair is minimal. Do the calculation based on the total amount of hair (in weight) you need.


Before buying you need to take into account the cost of placement. You can decide whether you want temporary extensions or semi-permanent extensions. If you use clip extensions, for example, the cost of placement is minimal, they are easy to place, although you will need a good cut to make them look nice. But if you want keratin extensions, the cost of placement is higher and can make the price of natural hair extensions higher than you thought.


If you already know what type of hair extension you want and the type of hair you are looking for, you can buy your 100% human hair extensions in our shop. We recommend the section from clip extensions where you will find the best value for money extensions. Our clip extensions are Remy quality. With them you have the advantage of using a quality hair, but economizing on the placement. They are so easy to put on that only by watching the next tutorial you can do it the first time.