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What you should know before and after hair extensions

Are you wondering if you need a new look? It has crossed our minds to want to innovate our style with wonderful hair extensions.

The word change implies much more than just physical. It’s something we possibly want from within. It arises as a need and the moment comes when it has to be made evident.

The beauty of our hair is very important to us. It directly influences the way we see ourselves and, therefore, without realizing it, we reflect it to others. That’s why we take the changes we make in our hair so seriously. I dare say it’s the change that denotes the greatest risk. But don’t be afraid because the security that we reflect before others will end up giving success to what we want so much.

Say goodbye to short hair

Before Hair Extensions

The extensions will help us solve some problems such as giving more life to our hair, volume and a sexier style. Many people resort to this great idea of hair extensions because for some reason it is possible that the natural hair is taking time to grow or perhaps because they feel a terrible regret after the cut. We want to share with you some tips to take into account before selecting the ideal extensions for you.


    Think of the ideal color that goes perfectly with your natural base.
    Consider how long you want to use the extensions. Permanent or you should not consult with us for better advice.
    Nourish your natural hair to give it life and get the perfect union between your base and extensions.
    There are several types of extensions select the most appropriate: hair extensions attached, extensions with clips , for volume, hair curtains , microring extensions or rings and adhesive extensions.(
    Your hair type may end up choosing the ideal extensions. That’s because if you have very fine and delicate hair you don’t want very heavy extensions.
    Choose the extensions that have the texture that best suits your natural hair.
    The volume with which the selections are very important to take into account make sure they are the size, volume and duration you need.

    Extensions, in short, are an artificial option that won’t damage your hair. People who suffer from constant hair loss, alopecia or little hair have put their faith in extensions. In this way they have been able to counteract this natural loss or absence of hair. You can choose between synthetic hair extensions or natural hair extensions. However, the 100% human hair extensions quality remy are, without a doubt, the most beautiful and the ones that get a totally natural look. They will also last much longer than synthetics.

    The final result is impressive

    After hair extensions

    After going through the selection process and ending up feeling beautiful and fulfilled, you should start by taking even more care of your hair. Extensions make you feel confident. Your hair’s just the way you like it. You love the hairstyles with extensions that you can now wear. But that’s not why we’re gonna neglect him.

    The care

    It’s important to take care of both your natural hair and extensions. What you want is for them to look natural, healthy and shiny but for that you must provide the care they need.

    Washing extensions

    Before washing extensions, comb them to remove any knots that may have formed. Avoid rubbing them or using products with alcohol to avoid damaging them as they may begin to look opaque. Washing your extensions is not complicated. Always use fresh water before applying the product. Don’t forget to condition and nourish them so they always look healthy. You can choose to use recommended products for hair extensions or use home methods. Finish by removing it with warm water, not hot.

    In the video below we explain step by step how to wash the clip extensions the right way.

    How to save extensions

    When your extensions are not permanent you can gently remove them. The next step is to keep in mind that they should be brushed and kept in their box making a kind of ponytail like the one we make in our hair. You must be very careful to avoid damage that affects your appearance.

    The care of our extensions depends very much on the care we give them. If they are temporary, avoid washing them when you have them on. Don’t sleep with them if they’re temporary. That’ll help you keep them pretty for a long time. After you put on the extensions, all the work will fall to you. And just as you care for them, you must also nourish and protect your scalp. Frequent and careless use of extensions can affect the natural growth of your hair. Hence the importance that before choosing the extensions values what you want versus what you need.

    We have for you a guide on how to take care of your extensions complete, where you will also learn the right way to take care of your extensions so that they last for a long time.

    Always feel beautiful using quality products that meet your needs. We recommend our extensions because we know about hair. We want you to maintain a healthy mane, that gives you security, comfort and fulfills its main objective, which will be to see you natural.

    Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, below in the comments.

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