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Which extensions damage the hair the less

Hair extensions are an accessory that has become very popular in recent years, because it makes you look beautiful. Besides, they’re very practical when it comes to getting ready, if you don’t have much time. However, along with the use of them, some concerns have arisen. There are women who wonder: do hair extensions damage the hair, are they harmful in any way? And if it were true that some people haven’t found certain extensions good, how can I know which extensions are less damaging to the hair? Don’t be mortified, your doubts are normal, and here you will be able to clear them.

True or false

Hair extensions, in fact, don’t mistreat him. The only thing that could harm your scalp would be the bad placement of them. If you always place them in the same area of the head, it could produce continuous stress in the same area, causing that after a while you may weaken and fall hair.

So, it’s not true that extensions mistreat hair. That idea has perhaps been fed by people who didn’t know how to place the extensions the right way. If not, ask yourself: if it is true that extensions damage hair, why do so many women use them?

Which extensions damage the hair less

As you’ve seen, extensions don’t damage your hair unless they’re placed correctly. That’s why it’s good to know what kind of extensions you want to use, how to put them on and, above all, how to maintain them. This way you will avoid any type of inconvenience that could generate a bad placement.

Adhesive extensions


These extensions are very quick to put on and take off. It consists of small strips of hair that are placed all over the head. They are applied with an adhesive tape that is already incorporated. They are placed on both sides of a lock of your hair, so that what looks like a sandwich is formed with an adhesive tape on each side of the lock. They are the most comfortable and economical fixed extensions on the market and last from 6 to 12 weeks. After that time you can remove them and put them back with tape or tape, new.

In the video below you can see how to put the adhesive extensions at home. You’ll see how easy it is.

Do adhesive extensions damage hair? No, not at all. This type of extension comes with a surgical-grade adhesive that does not cause any allergies, and can be easily removed with an a href=””>removing solvent of extensions. The remover is of natural origin, so it is not aggressive with the skin or hair. It also leaves no residue.

Clip extensions


When it comes to removable extensions, clip-on extensions are the most versatile and effective you can find. All you have to do is place them between your hair, and close the clips. They will be securely fastened in place for as long as you need. Its maintenance is very simple and economical.

These extensions should be removed before going to sleep. Since you don’t sleep with them, no traction is generated in the hair when you lie down, thus reducing the risk of your own hair falling out.

Sewn extensions

Extensions from stitched curtain are very easy to place. The best thing is that you can put the extensions of curtain sewn with different systems of positioning: braided, sewn and with rings. Even if you try these systems and they don’t convince you, you can sew some hair clips and you’ll have some temporary extensions. That’s why they like them so much, because of their versatility. They’re actually one of the most used. This leads us to the conclusion that it is not true that sewn extensions damage hair. Otherwise, who would use them?

Keratin Extensions

No type of extension represents a danger to your hair. However, if by a bad placement there are people who say that the extensions damage the hair, it is normal that you give some fear. In that case what you can do is avoid keratin, by using glue. That way you’ll be calmer. But if you decide to use them you can take the precaution of leaving a prudent space between the extension and the scalp, like a centimeter and a half or two. That’ll keep the keratin from getting close to your scalp.

Keratin extensions have multiple advantages such as flexibility. These extensions allow you to have 100% root mobility, which makes it possible for you to do an infinite number of hairstyles , in addition, keratin does not damage your hair. And, without a doubt, they are the ones that give a more natural appearance.

Which extensions are less damaging to hair, synthetic or natural hair


Another doubt that can assail you when you are thinking about using extensions to achieve that Kylie Jenner type mane is, which extensions spoil less hair, natural or synthetic? Well, I’ve got some good news for you, none of it spoils your hair more than the other. In fact, no one mistreats him in any way.

Human hair extensions are the most popular choice because of the natural finish they give your look and the versatility they give you. If you wish you can dye them, dry them or iron them. However, synthetic extensions cannot be dyed or ironed. These are created with a fiber that is the product of various chemical processes to achieve the texture and appearance of natural hair. However, they do not achieve 100% resemblance to natural hair.

If you want extensions that can’t be differentiated from your own hair, that last longer and can be dyed or styled with heat, choose extensions of 100% human hair , without mixtures.

In the video you can see below you will see the differences between human extensions and synthetic extensions.

Don’t forget: maintenance is important

You must bear in mind that in order to prevent extensions from damaging the hair in any way, you must give them proper maintenance. This can make the difference between having beautiful, vibrant hair extensions and having tangled, careless looking extensions that can cloud your hair. Keep in mind then:

Wash the extensions with a mild shampoo. Then apply a conditioner and slowly untangle any knots they may have.
Avoid applying strong chemicals to natural hair extensions. For example, choose ammonia-free dyes.
Do not rub the extensions forcefully with a towel. You should dry them gently with something that’s not too rough. This will make them last longer.
Remember to brush your hair extensions with a Tangle Teezer pull-free brush to help maintain them properly.

Reducing risks

As you’ve seen, there are many types of hair extensions, and none represent a real risk to your natural hair. However, if you want to reduce any possibility of abuse immediately, you should only be careful with certain aspects such as the following:

It takes the necessary time to place them, which varies according to the type of extension you use. If they are easy to install extensions there is no problem. But if they are extensions that take time to put on, don’t despair. It’s better to take a little while and get a beautiful mane than an unfavorable result.
First check that you are not allergic to any type of hair glue. This doesn’t happen very often, but it’s just as important to be prepared.
If you have had hair problems before, it is recommended that you consult a professional in the matter, to avoid any damage to your natural hair, and so use without fear those beautiful extensions.

Use fearless hair extensions

Hair extensions make you look beautiful. If you feel your hair doesn’t have volume or lacks shine, they’re ideal for you. Many women are commenting that “they are the perfect solution to have shocking hair”. For a variety of reasons below, they’ve become an accessory you won’t want to do without.

Don’t be influenced by sensationalist or incomplete stories. Besides, no two people are alike. Try them and decide for yourself if they suit you or not.

Instant longer hair

If you feel somewhat frustrated because your hair does not have the length you want, the best alternative is to use hair extensions , because they give you permanently and quickly the length you want in your hair.

Spectacular volume

Another advantage of using extensions is that they give your hair a catalog volume. You won’t have to be using products to give volume to the hair, which are also expensive and after a certain time lose their effectiveness. Once you start using the extensions you won’t want to stop. They are the most versatile solution to have beautiful hair in moments.

Immediate change of your style

It’s a way to highlight your personality. With the extensions you can choose a variety of styles to suit your way of being and transmit all the impact you want. You can get them in the type of hair you want and in the color you prefer. They also allow you to do any hairstyle.

Hair extensions have superseded many other products, because just by wearing them, everything changes, from the way you look to the way you act. They give you long, voluminous hair that makes you feel safe and attractive.

So don’t let prejudices and misjudgments fool you. The thing about extensions damaging hair is a fake. The cases in which this occurs are rare. And if you use them the right way, they don’t have to hurt you.

The reality is that extensions are a product that in recent years has become a trend that is available to all. Thanks to its diversity, you can choose the ones you like best.

Encourage yourself to use them. Make up your mind to change. Do it for yourself.

Comments from satisfied customers


If you still have a little doubt, read the following opinions shared by many satisfied customers:

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