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Which extensions last the longest and which are the most durable types of extensions?

Extensions have become more and more common. For a few years now, they are not exclusive to stars and celebrities, but are within everyone’s reach. They give the opportunity to wear a much longer hair, in addition to providing volume to those who do not have it. In addition they allow to combine different tonalities. In short, they are a simple method with which you can change your style and make your hair look much better. That’s why it benefits you to know how long natural hair extensions last and what are the different types and qualities that exist. That’ll help you make the best decision.

The most important thing of all, if you want to have beautiful hair, is to choose a quality hair extension that has a long life. To do this you must know that there is a wide variety of extensions, depending on the type of hair with which they are manufactured, and that each of them has a specific duration.

How long natural hair extensions last

The type of hair and the treatment to which it has been submitted is the main factor by which the extensions are differentiated.

Virgin Hair Extensions. Duration: 1 to 2 years

First we have the virgin hair extensions . This is natural hair that has not undergone any kind of chemical process, ie is not dyed or treated and its cuticle is intact. Normally, they are brown, and the hair can be smooth, wavy or curly. In addition, they can be dyed or modelled as desired.

How long do virgin hair extensions last? They can last between 1 and 2 years. But we have clients who have used them for up to three years. This is especially true if your hair is black and you don’t need to dye it.


The main advantage of this virgin hair is its duration, because although there are many types of extensions lasting, these are the ones that have a longer life. You can use them in perfect condition for two years. However, keep in mind that being a lifeless hair will need some care. It will be beneficial if you hydrate frequently and avoid aggressive products.

Remy Hair Extensions. Duration: 8 to 12 months

Another type of natural extensions are those of cabello Remy. They are characterized by maintaining the direction of the cuticle. This means that the hair is oriented in its natural direction. The roots of each hair are always kept at the top, where the roots should be. As a general rule, they come from a single person and are cut by making a pigtail. Special care is taken to avoid reversing the direction of the cuticle and putting the roots in the place of the tips or the tips in the place of the roots.


Its main benefit is that these extensions avoid frizz and tangles, which in the long run means a longer duration. They can be used for about 9 months, presenting an impeccable aspect.

In our shop we have different types of Remy hair, such as, hair curtains , loose hair, keratin extensions, adhesives, clip and invisible thread. In addition to a wide variety of colors and tonalities.

Non-Remy Hair Extensions. Duration: 3 or 4 months

Finally, you have non-Remy hair extensions, which usually come from recycled hair. Normally, they are made from natural hair. However, it does not come from just one person, but from the hair that is collected in hairdressers and other places.


In these the hair does not go in the same direction. For that reason, you have to count on the fact that entanglements are very common. That will cause it to deteriorate faster, lasting only about 3 or 4 months. A very short life, but which is compensated by the lower economic outlay you have to make for them.

In our online shop of hair extensions we do not have non-remy hair. We only sell virgin hair extensions and Remy hair extensions. We prefer to provide our customers with something better even if the price is only a little higher. We don’t think it’s worth using extensions for just 3 months. If you want a cheap extensions , without giving up natural hair, we recommend our Low Cost line.

It’s good that you know how to tell if a hair extension is Remy or not. This will keep you from being fooled. You can’t really tell them apart with the naked eye. That’s why we advise you to read this article that talks about how to differentiate Remy hair from hair that isn’t . Don’t let them fool you.


We hope that with these recommendations you can find the option of extensions that best suits your circumstances and your pocket.

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