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Why are quality hair extensions more expensive?

You have decided to wear extensions and now it is important to find quality hair extensions, since you are going to wear them 24 hours a day, and from now on they are going to be an important part of you.

Are my extensions of good quality

Even in the world of remy hair there are different types of qualities of hair extensions . This depends, above all, on the selection of the hair, and in part, also, on the type of process that is given to the hair.

In some types of processes so much chemical and heat is applied to the hair that it is stripped of its natural protection, which is the cuticle. This leaves the hair defenceless against humidity, sun and other external agents. But this is not easy to notice when you buy them. Sometimes you only notice this after you have washed the hair extensions a few times.


Why quality hair extensions are more expensive

Quality hair extensions can be treated like your own hair. They can be washed, waved, dried. Besides, they can last up to a year. And, in the case of extensions of virgin Indian hair can last up to two years. Of course, to make them last that long, we must give them proper care. Good hair extensions should be impossible to detect, both at first sight and by touch. And getting to this degree of quality takes time and money.


Better hair selection, more quality in extensions

As in everything else, the quality of a product depends on the raw material used. Virgin hair and remy hair are the best quality hair for hair extensions. The reason is that they last longer, become less tangled and are as close to your own hair as possible.

Almost all extension companies say they sell remy hair, but many times they don’t even have a way of knowing if this is the case. Always require REMY quality extensions . In another one of our articles about extensions we give you some tips so that you know how to differentiate remy hair extensions from those that are not.

The process given to the hair also affects the quality

On the other hand, in addition to a good raw material, it is important to know what process hair receives. Some companies perform treatments too fast to produce faster and sell more. It is clear that with this type of process they destroy the hair, due to the excess of aggressive chemicals it receives.

When processing hair some manufacturers of extensions bleach the hair in a bath of hot bleach, and then dye it. This is what we call processed hair and unfortunately, it represents a large majority of the hair on the market. In this type of process the hair loses its cuticle and, together with it, its quality. In a final step, the hair is given a silicone bath to make it look softer, but inside there is a fragile and weak hair. After a few washes the silicone layer is lost and what is left is a fragile and dull hair. From then on, it loses all the elegance and dignity of healthy hair.

Correct processing for quality hair

The correct way to process hair is a slow process. It’s depigmented little by little, without haste. By doing so, with care, the cuticle is left intact. Then you go through a slower colour bath, with ecological products that respect the nature of the hair.


The result of using good quality hair and correct hair processing is superior quality hair extensions. And yes, when you buy them you may have to pay a little more, but they will last longer. So, what’s more expensive, buying extensions every two months or buying extensions that last you two years?

As we said in the previous article, cheap is expensive. That’s why he’s only betting on quality hair extensions.

I hope this article will help you choose the quality you deserve.

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