Human Hair Closure – Body Wave


COLOR: natural black
MATERIAL: 100% human hair


Hair Closures or closure hair pieces are a type of hair extensions made with a natural skin looking part which os called “lace” or “skin”. This closure hair pieces are applied on the top of your own hair, that is why they are also called “top closures”. They are perfect accessory for your hair weave, while this closure hair pieces goes on the top of your hair, you can use the hair weft for the sides of your head which creates the perfect combination to make it looking super natural and you will get this amazing new look:

hair closure before and after

This closure hair extensions are a new and trendy in the world of the hair extensions.

The most common types of hair closures are “lace closures” and “silk closures”, both are very similar, but the main difference is the web or mesh in which the hair is fixed. The hair is implanted point by point into this lace web which is made of a super tough and resistant material. You can get a totally seamless hair closure experience with this type of hair closure.

The hair is our Hair Closures is always 100% natural remy virgin brasilian hair. You can bleach and dye this hair as you want and the hair is hand made joined to the lace to prevent the hair falling.

The top hair closures are your best option if you want to change your hair texture quickly. You do not need to damage you own hair anymore. If your hair is curly but you like straight and you are tired of using relaxer or the heat of the blow dryer everyday, a hair closure will be the best option for you. With the lace hair closure you forget about damaging your own hair and making it more and more thin and weak. Also, nobody will notice you are wearing because is completely seamless and also breathable.

How to install your hair closure

Installing yout hair closure is easier than you might think. You have to sew it to your own hair after you braid your hair. Then you put your closure on the top of your hair and add your virgin hair weft on the sides of your head.

Here you have this video to see how to install it:

Hair closure size:


Closure 1_副本