Indian Virgin Remy Tape Hair Extensions 50CM (20inch)


Virgin Remy Tape Hair Extensions 50CM (20inch).
LENGTH: 50CM (20inch)
COLOR: Natural Black
QUANTITY: 50gr/pack
WIDTH: 20 pieces of 4cm each
TEXTURE: Straight
QUALITY: Remy, 100 % Natural Hair. Not mixed hair. Tangle free.
AVERAGE LIFESPAN: 8 to 12 months approximately.


100% Pure VIRGIN HAIR,  tangle free guarantee. This kind of hair has never ever received any chemical treatment. That is why is virgin. Is only available in natural color (dark colors). You can bleach it, dye it, wave it… anything you would do to your own hair. Since has never been dyed before, this kind of hair will give you the best results. Each piece of hair belongs to only one person, so it keeps the cuticle intact, and never tangle. you can use it for up to 2 years!

Tape Hair Extensions are the latest innovation of the market. Long pieces of hair ready to apply. They come pre taped with the tape fixed on the top, ready to use. You have to put one piece on your hair, and another one facing back, with your own hair in the middle. You can iron flat and style as you want. It’s an unnoticeable system, very easy to attach, no weaving or braiding, no chemicals, and no heat harming your own hair. Each pack has 20 pieces of 4 cm each (1.6 inch) with the tape on the top. It’s a reusable system just add more glue tape. Have a look at this video for more info: