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All you need to know about Balayage

We’re in love with Balayage. Maybe that’s why it’s the most requested technique in recent years. And we can say that, although it has evolved, it is by no means a passing technique. The best colorists and stylists from all over the world have become true artists in the balayage technique. And if you also want to update your look and enter the wonderful world of balayage, just read on.

With this article you will know everything you need to know about this technique. In addition, we will answer all your questions such as: What is Balayage hair? What is the difference between balayage, ombré, sombré and other similar colours?

What is Balayage

The balayage hair is recognized because it has the naturalness of the hair clarified by the sun. Just as if you came from an idyllic holiday, the ends of your hair are clearer than the rest of your hair.


The meaning of the word balayage conveys the idea of “sweeping”. It is done by hand, with a brush, as if it were a canvas. If the stylist who does it is an expert in this technique, he can make a real work of art.

The stylist will give you a gradual transition, with no obvious lines, and that’s where your naturalness lies. In addition, the choice and location of different shades, light and dark, result in a personalized and unique mane, full of warmth, depth and light.

Origin of the Balayage

This technique is not as new as many think. It actually originated in the 1970s in France. However, little by little it was perfecting itself, and getting into our hearts.

Until then, blond or rayitos highlights were made with hats or aluminum foil. These techniques, although popular at the time, never achieved the naturalness that is achieved with Balayage.

This technique can be performed on any base color. The hair root is left intact, so when the hair begins to grow, the roots do not look unsightly. This is a great relief for those who are tired of other techniques, which had to be retouched every three weeks.

What is the difference between the Balayage and other types of colors such as Ombré, Sombré and others


Although they are sometimes confused with each other, they are not the same. First of all, the word Balayage means “sweep” or “sweep”. That’s because the color is applied like a sweep, in small strands of hair. Some of these tufts start from the root and others below, at different heights. As you get closer to the tips, those blond tufts widen. In this way, the tips are covered by lighter shades.

The aim is to achieve reflexes with a natural appearance. It does not show very marked contrasts, but a gradual fading of the color, until its lighter tone in the tips.


Unlike balayage, which is a technique, Ombré is rather a style. The Ombré highlights clearly show dark hair from the roots to the middle of the mane and lighter colour from medium to ends. The demarcation that divides the two tones is very clear and evident. It looks like a dye by immersion, as if the ends of the hair had been placed in a container with dye or bleach.


The aim of Ombré colouring is not to make it look natural, whereas balayage is characterised by its naturalness.


The Sombré is similar to the Ombré but with the difference that the line that divides the two colors is more subtle and blurred, or “shaded”. In addition, the colour gradient usually begins at a higher point on the mane, closer to the roots.



The Bronde is very similar to the Balayage. However, the difference lies in the colours used. The Balayage usually uses different shades of blondes, while the Bronde coloration combines different shades of browns, chocolates and dark golds. It is ideal if you have brown or black hair and want to illuminate your hair without looking very blonde.



Babylights strands are the most subtle way to illuminate hair. These are small lights strategically placed to add dimension. It’s such a discreet change that it would be an excellent way to start, if you don’t dare to make a drastic change.


Is Balayage suitable for you

The variations of Balayage are so many and so personalized that it’s hard not to find one that suits you. To make sure you make the right decision, ask your stylist for an opinion. He knows you and knows what’s best for your hair type. You will also take into account how you usually comb your hair, as this factor also conditions the final result.

If you are going to choose a stylist for balayage, don’t forget to look at his Instagram. Today that is a step we should not avoid, because that is the easiest way to see how it works.

Balayage is ideal if you want to lighten your hair, without making too drastic a change. If your base hair is dark you can try the Bronde, which will give you lights in a dark golden tone. That option allows you to make a discreet change in principle. When you feel like you want to go a step further, your stylist can intensify the blonde tone, in several sessions.


It can be performed on any length of hair, although it is clear that the best looks is in a long hair.

If at this moment you don’t have long hair but you feel like wearing a spectacular Balayage, use 100% human hair extensions . Only those with human hair can be dyed. And if they are from virgin hair they can even be discolored. So don’t give up your dream of having the mane that many women are already enjoying.

How to maintain and care for your hair if you have a balayage

Balayage hair is easy to maintain as it is not necessary to do root touch-ups very often. In addition, the care you must give is the same as that which you would give to a dyed or bleached hair.

For example, it is advisable to use specific products for colour-treated hair. And you should also hydrate and nourish it with a good mask, at least once a week. If you like to use natural products on your hair you can use home remedies , as they are effective and do not add chemicals to the hair.

If you use irons, curling sticks or a dryer, don’t forget to use a heat shield to prevent further damage.

Remember that dyed hair, if not cared for can become porous and dull. And the same thing would happen with Balayage if you don’t give it basic care. But, as you can see, it doesn’t require any special or elaborate care.


Why do we love Balayage

With this technique you avoid the abruptness of all bleached hair.

It’s low-maintenance. You can go to your hairdresser to retouch your roots every three or four months, and you never stop being beautiful.

If you have old fuses and you are tired of so much retouching, a balayage on your fuses can help you.

Gives volume to the hair. This is because the lights and reflections are strategically placed to make the mane look more voluminous.

The reflections around your face illuminate your face, achieving a remarkable transformation. With a successful application of the contouring technique you can enhance the features of your face with the play of light and shadows. In this way you can enhance your beauty and create the illusion of a different face shape, more oval and perfect.

As you can see, there are many reasons to decide for a balayage.


And you? Have you dared with this technique yet? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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