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Beyoncé is expanding

There is no doubt that today, in the year 2017, choosing the length and volume of your hair from one day to the next is possible. Not only to do it permanently, but also for a special occasion. To wear it for a while… and change your look as many times as you want. Proof of that are our beloved celebrities. They are always one step ahead in fashion and style. In this case we are very happy to see that Beyoncé is wearing extensions.

Beyoncé gets extensions

Yes, he surprised us a few days ago with some hair extensions to look more effusive and not leave anyone indifferent. There’s really not much secret to reveal, is there?


A question… Did Beyonce previously have short hair? She had long hair, but here’s why she used extensions: Maverick. Not everything depends on the length of your hair. Hair volume counts for a lot of sensation. You can expand the limits of your imagination with more hairstyles, styles and personality to your hair. And now, not only celebrities can use extensions.


Any woman puts on extensions

Best of all, it’s not something only a few can afford. Putting on high quality virgin hair extensions , that goes all in one direction and that is guaranteed a more than reasonable wearing time is not a luxury item out of your reach. The extensions business has progressed and grown a lot, until this quality at a more than reasonable price.

Would you like to use extensions? You can also have long, voluminous hair.


What other celebrity gets extensions

WHO else is wearing long hair this season?

The list is long, but we attach this 52-second video with some examples of the most famous trending women wearing long hair.

And you? Do you decide to use extensions?