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Discover the secret of which celebrities use Hair Extensions

Famous with Extensions? Yes, I do. Almost all of them.

Whether on television or in the cinema, every time a familiar face of an actress, singer or presenter appears, it is impossible not to notice the beautiful hair they wear and, while we are drooling, we cannot help but wonder how they do it? What is their secret? What is their secret? But don’t despair, we have something to tell you about it. Because those long, voluminous and perfectly molded manes are often extensions. Yes, as you’re reading it, we’re sorry to take away the illusion of thinking they were real manes, but extensions for celebrities are almost becoming a must. Want to find out who uses these extensions? Don’t miss this article.


The wavy blonde hair of the Colombian singer is one of her hallmarks. It is for this reason that Shakira often resorts to extensions, thus accentuating this feature of her appearance. And how well she looks!

caption id=”attachment_4061″ align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]1 Spectacular difference in Shakira’s image with and without hair extensions[/caption]


The pop diva par excellence is known for her constant use of wigs and extensions. It is common for African American women to resort to this type of hair supplements, as most have very curly hair, which is difficult to control or takes a long time to grow.


Katy Perry

Katy Perry has us used to his extreme changes of look and never ceases to surprise us. To achieve this, it perfectly integrates, with your natural hair, some original hair extensions, due to the different fantasy colors you usually wear.


Elsa Pataky

A Elsa Pataky we have seen her with short, long, straight, curly, blonder, more chestnut hair… and, the truth is, we would not know how to say with which style she is more beautiful and favoured. But what is certain is that it also uses extensions.

Elsa Pataky with and without extensions in her hair

Victoria Beckham

The current fashion designer and former Spice Girl is a regular for short hair, especially the bob style she has so often made fashionable. However, in times when long hair is left behind, it always enhances its style with good extensions.


Paula Echevarría

As a good it girl, Paula Echevarría takes great care of her image and, also, as far as the hair is concerned. It is for this reason that she uses natural extensions that, together with her own hair, go unnoticed and make the result spectacular. Always gorgeous!


Jennifer Lopez

Jlo stops surprising us with the different look changes, which he shows in all the events he attends. That’s why he resorts to the use of natural hair extensions, to obtain beautiful long, silky hair. Generally you can choose this type of extensions, because you can iron them, without fear of damage.

Jennifer Lopez with her Hair Extensions

Selena Gómez

Didn’t you know that Selena Gomez loves to use extensions? The beautiful singer, besides dazzling with her great talent, manages to get all the positive reviews, when it comes to her hair. The fresh cut combined with the extensions, give it an incredible look.

Selena Gomez is another celebrity who has confessed the secret of her incredible mane.

Ariana Grande

The queen of pop, has decided to create a new style and leave behind the perma media hairstyle, with which she became known. He has recently been seen wearing a long ponytail. Without a doubt, the magic of instant long hair is due to the extensions.

[caption id="attachment_4052" align="aligncenter" width="600"]1 Adriana Grande shines with her extensions in a gala

Kim Kardashian

The always glamorous and elegant Kim Kardashian. She is known as the chameleon of hairstyles, as she always looks totally different. Being able to change his style instantly is something we’re used to. There is no doubt that the success of his changes of looks, owes it largely to the hair extensions.

Kim Kardashian wearing his Extensions at the gateway


A Rihanna we have seen using from gray to silver and strong red. This famous has impacted us all with all the hairstyles you can imagine. There aren’t any that I’ve overlooked. Without a doubt Rihanna, besides being an excellent singer, is a great exponent of the extensions.

Rihanna with impressive hair volume thanks to wavy extensions

Why do celebrities resort to the use of extensions

Simply because they offer practical, simple and quick solutions. The day to day life of celebrities, is to achieve a good appearance, which includes hair care. That’s why they care about investing in their hair.

All the commitments they must attend, prevents them from completing their beauty routines many times, and achieve the look they want with their natural hair. Regardless of whether they have long or short hair, they always seek to look different at every celebration they attend.

A different hairstyle can be achieved in a matter of minutes with the use of extensions. In addition to unique, innovative colors. Without a doubt, they are one of the best options to enhance your beauty, and always stand out in all events.

Fixed or temporary extensions? Which ones use the famous ones

Really the celebrities make use of both. That depends on which one best suits your tastes and needs.

For example, if it’s a single night and you like to change very often such as Beyoncé, the clip extensions are your best ally. This is because they are very easy to put on and take off. You can even place them yourself, without the help of a stylist.

If you want to have an extreme smooth Kardashian style, nothing better than virgin hair extensions , as they can be straightened with the iron as much as you want, without fear of damage.

adhesive extensions or hair curtain are your best ally if you are looking for a specific color, or to make spectacular collections and have a heart attack melenaza with a spectacular volume in the purest Adriana Grande style. However, keep in mind that you will need at least 150 or 200 grams to get that volume.

A real proof of what we’re talking about is our beloved Shakira. She has always been characterized by wearing a long mane. There’s no doubt he uses remy quality natural extensions. They last longer and can be treated as if they were part of your own natural hair.

Which ones interest you

As you can see, there are many celebrities who use extensions to get a perfect hair. The list can be endless. But we didn’t want to end up without giving you one last piece of advice. If you want to have beautiful hair and give your image a change, don’t just stand there and watch. Try them. The experience of thousands is to say: “how come I didn’t start using them before?”

If you haven’t tried them yet, we recommend that you do a test. Start with the clip extensions. Because it’s “removable” you can wear them only for special occasions and see how they look. You’ll be able to see why so many celebrities use them and why you won’t be able to live without them. With the best extensions you also have at your fingertips the possibility to boast of molenaza wherever you go.