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Jennifer Lopez surprises again with extensions of one meter and 27 centimeters

At the Billboard Awards, Jennifer Lopez not only surprised us with her mini dress and staging. On this occasion what most impacted her look were her extra-long extensions. Yes, he did it again, but this time with extensions of one meter and 27 centimeters.

His stylist, Chris Appleton, was the one who shared in his nets the dimensions of the extensions that JLo wore. At about 1.30 meters, they almost got to the ground.


The 49-year-old singer, who is still gaining popularity, waved her extensions with ease. He moved so naturally with his extensions that you’d think it was his own hair. Besides, as always, he boasted of an enviable physique. Thanks to its attire, a transparent body with golden incrustations, we could appreciate the curves that characterize it.


How much do Jennifer Lopez

‘s one-meter extensions weigh?
The one who couldn’t avoid worrying at the time was his trusted stylist, Chris Appleton. He acknowledged that he was concerned about the risk he posed to our beloved Jennifer. In her social networks she published what she felt while the diva waved her long mane on stage. Because of this he sincerely admitted: “Fear is real… it’s very real”. And the stylist had reason to worry. The weight of such extensions is considerable.

However, his fear did not go any further. And since he was the architect of Jennifer’s spectacular look, he made sure to do it the safest way. It is because of her experience that she has been, for years, the lead stylist of the singer. However, it is not the only one that has opted for this expert in manes. Many other celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner or Ariana Grande, are some of those who have put themselves in his hands. He’s actually the stylist behind the pony tails of celebrities.


Thanks to him and his team, the look of Jennifer Lopez, with its extensions of one meter, was a resounding success. And once again JLo’s performance was one of the most important attractions of the show.

We don’t know what other ways the Bronx diva will keep surprising us. What we do know is that natural hair extensions will continue to be one of your favorite accessories.

In addition, we know that more and more famous women are using 100% human hair extensions to turn their image around.

And you? Do you need a change

Do you need to make a change in your life? Extensions aren’t just for celebrities. Even if it’s not with one meter extensions, many women are already changing the way they look thanks to the extensions. Don’t be left behind.