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The best celebrity look changes in 2019

It is always wise to make a change of look at some point in our lives. And is that having a new hairstyle, can help you look more beautiful and younger. You can choose to change the color, make a new cut, or use 100% human hair extensions. The idea is to do something radical that allows you to look totally different.

Celebrities know how important it is to be able to renew themselves for their audience, and some of them like Ciara, Cardi B and Kendall Jenner are not afraid to get on the lounge chair to try something new in their hair.

At the beginning of 2018 we have witnessed the popularity of the incredible bob cut, the innovative colour changes, and even the long melenas like Rapunzel. There is no doubt that changes in the look of celebrities always surprise us.

To be prepared for this wave of change, we just have to look at the wonderful modifications that our beloved celebrities have made. Next we’ll tell you which are the most popular, when we refer to changes of look:

Ashley Tisdale


This wonderful artist decided to leave behind her usual cut, to change it for the modern balloon. It was all thanks to her great stylist Anh Co Tran, who discovered that this wonderful cut made her look totally beautiful. You can see a beautiful “soft cut”, and it certainly looks fabulous.

Hailey Baldwin


A beautiful platinum blonde with blond fringes and dark roots at the top, was shown thanks to stylist Jennifer Yepez. This new look managed to take it completely away from the fendi look we were used to.

The famous stylist made a publication in her Instagram account to show us the change of this cute celebrity. In the image he made a recognition of the platinum tone of Baldwin’s hair to the colorist Aura Freidman.

Cardi B


Something we never imagined was the change of Cardi B, who decisively and drastically decided to say goodbye to his characteristic black for a bright and sunny blonde. This change was made public through his Instagram account during the President’s Day weekend.

It’s the first time we’ve seen the beautiful rapper, turning blonde. Although we had already noticed this change with a wig of the same color at last year’s BET awards. The stylist in charge of this change was Tokyo Stylez, who took this image to social networks to show everyone the new image of the rapper.

In the footnote of the image, there was a description that said: “Blonde bomb”, “Yes, yes, she is”. The fans went crazy because they liked the idea of Cardi B’s new look.

Jessica Biel


Tracey Cunnningham, Jessica Biel’s stylist, showed us this famous woman with a new look through her instagram account. In the new change, we can see Biel with a lighter appearance, with a totally charming blonde.

There is no doubt that this wonderful change generated controversy, but the good one, because it really looks fantastic.

Shay Mitchell


Although Shay Mitchell has us used to the changes, in most cases we have seen her keeping her long hair. He barely makes any very precise cuts, but still keeps the length. Basically what he seeks is to obtain different styles playing with the texture of the hair.

However, he left us totally surprised with this drastic change, where the pink became part of his beautiful hair. The famous member of Pretty Little Liars did not hesitate to show us a new facet with this change. And there’s no doubt he’s got it right.

Daisy Ridley


The unforgettable Star Wars star Daisy Ridley decided to take the reins in her new look and change the usual chestnut for a sunny blonde. She looks so beautiful, she’s got us all sighing for a sweet summer.

Apparently the fever for blonding took hold of her, and she said goodbye to her comfort zone to show us this new facet. Do you say blondes have more fun? Only time will tell.

Shailene Woodley


Woodley’s new change shows us a new and carefree style. This style takes her completely away from the customary bangless she had kept. From now on, we’ve seen her stand out with the new fringes, and we can’t deny that she looks fantastic.

Kendall Jenner


With a fun home video he revealed to us through his Instagram account, Kendall Jenner surprised us with the two inches he cut from his hair. The fans went crazy, and his popularity increased with the various likes he received on his social network.

Zooey Deschanel


The long, cascading scalp of the New Girl star was replaced by a beautiful cut at shoulder level. Apparently he made the decision to get on the Chop City train and make a change in his appearance. With this look he managed to highlight his features a little more.

Amara La Negra


Amara La Negra’s Afro was changed a little after the confrontation with the producer Young Hollywood, who urged her to change her look for something more attractive and novel for the music industry. She made strong statements that black afro was not “something elegant,” and that she should look for another look that favors her.

Despite Young’s constant bombing, Amara didn’t make her change until January 21. It was then that she uploaded to her instagram account a black and white image wearing braids with a strong message: “Change because you want to, not because you feel obligated”.



It seems that New Year’s Eve brought us new surprises with our beloved Ciara, who on January 3rd made a publication through her Instagram account, showing us a new facet. It was about some photos without makeup, where I let discover a new style with jumbo box braids.



And this 2018 was a great start for the beautiful LALA, who surprised us with the multi-hyphenate, in a bright blonde hue. The image contained the following message: “Let’s make 2018 unbelievable”; and we have no doubt that it will be. It looks spectacular!

Allison Williams


Williams’ new look was unveiled through her Instagram account. The actress decided to turn to brown earlier this year, and bid a definitive farewell to the blonde tone of her hair. His image said “back to my roots.” The image was hung on December 19, and we can no longer agree with his decision.

Lily Collins


Collins didn’t give us the space to react, after hanging the image in her Instagram account, where we can see her totally blonde. With this he showed us that seasonal hair trends are only for birds.

His change was announced with a beautiful image on November 30th. It was subtitled: “I’m not sure if it’s blond or if it’s this city, but I’m really having more fun. And we agree that she looks very beautiful.