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The latest novelty in hairdressing: The dye made with graphite

According to the latest research work is being done on the development of a dye made with graphite that would undoubtedly revolutionize the world of hairdressing.

Graphene is an amazing and very promising material, especially in the field of electronics. Its hardness and resistance, together with its extraordinary flexibility make it a revolutionary material. It also has the ability to store energy. Due to these and other characteristics, it is being considered the material of the future.

What would be the advantages over conventional stains? In this article we update you on everything related to this innovative discovery.


What is graphite and what would be the advantages of a dye made with graphite

At Northwestern University, Illinois, USA, material science researchers decided to do an experiment with graphite. Graphite is obtained from a material abundant in nature called graphite. You know graphite because it is used to make pencils. The research consisted of using graphite to create a dye that could adhere to the surface of the hair.

It could be used to color from platinum blonde to black without damaging the hair. It is also capable of withstanding at least 30 washes. The difference with conventional dyes is that graphite dye does not damage the hair.

One of the main features of this innovative dye is the fact that it is not harmful to the hair. One of the authors of the research, Jiaxing Huang, stated that most of the permanent colorings used today irreparably damage our hair.

The cuticle of our hair resembles the scales of a fish, which overlap each other. Therefore to dye hair it is necessary to lift the cuticles using ammonia so that the molecules of the dye penetrate faster. This already causes considerable damage to the hair. The damage is aggravated by the subsequent application of hydrogen peroxide which is used to trigger the reaction that synthesizes the dye once the color is inside the hair.

In the process of lifting the cuticle the hair becomes more brittle.

Longer color life than color baths


Researchers believe that this graphite dye, theoretically, could be more advantageous than ammonia-free color baths. They do not damage the hair like permanent dyes but they do not last long. Since they do not penetrate the hair, but cover it, it is quickly lost with washing. However, graphite, although it also covers it, does not disappear as quickly with washing.

According to tests conducted by Huang and his team, they were able to demonstrate that applying graphite dye to human hair samples went from platinum blonde to black. And he was able to stay in that coloration for 30 washes, which is the amount necessary for a dye to be considered permanent.

This extraordinary effectiveness has to do with the structure of graphite, as it is composed of flexible and thin sheets that adapt easily to all types of irregular surfaces. It can be compared to a sheet of paper,” Huang explains, “which is easy to fold and handle, so it fits any surface. Unlike a business card, which is so rigid that it can’t be folded easily.

For Huang the best example is a newspaper page. This, despite being large, can take many forms and have flexibility. Something similar happens with graphite, and this makes it the best coating material for hair.

On the other hand, in addition to the flexibility shown to us by graphite sheets, they are also waterproof. This means that it prevents water from entering. So every time you wash your hair, graphite can protect it from erosion, thus maintaining color.

No more fosco hair thanks to the dye made with graphite

In addition to the great benefit that the color is not going to be lost for a long time, and that it will not damage the hair, in the study carried out other advantages are raised.

Dry hair is not a good conductor of electricity. For this reason, if friction occurs, static electricity is charged. However, each hair coated with graphite is like a small wire capable of conducting electricity and heat. So when the hair is dyed with graphite dye it has the ability to dissipate the uncomfortable static electricity.

Other advantages of dyeing with graphite

Another advantage is that although graphite is black, its precursor known as graphite oxide is brown. This is really practical, because you can get a variety of shades ranging from brown to black.

This is a great find in the area of coloring. Historically, the creation of dark tones has always been a problem.

Finally, Huang tells us that this research was initiated by simple curiosity. He really thought it wouldn’t be that far-reaching. However, he is confident that commercialization of graphite dye could improve the lives of many people.

That’s why Huang wants to raise funds to continue and complete his research. There is no doubt that it could be a solution to the conventional dyes that damage the hair so much.

In case Huang can shape this investigation we would all benefit. What a joy to be able to stop worrying about the damage caused by the application of a dye on our hair.

What do you think? Would you like to enjoy the advantages of graphite dye?