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The latest trends in hair colouring in 2019

Multi-dimensional, bright and bold colors continue to be the trend this year. The new season begins with a new experience in hair coloring. In this article we show you the most current and popular options.

The latest trends in hair coloring for this year 2019

There are many techniques that are revolutionizing Instagram that will make you fall in love. Although fantasy colours, red hair and black have not lost ground, the trends point to two very clear preferences: blondes in all their variants and chestnut trees with lighter reflections. However, of those two, the most sought-after hair color on Google is still chestnut with blonde highlights. The idea is to give the mane a 3D effect. Leave behind flat colors and join the latest trends in hair coloring.



First we must recognize that Balayage is the best thing that has happened to our hair in recent years. It is a handmade coloration technique, which achieves a naturalness impossible to achieve with the old wicks made with aluminum foil. With the balayage technique the colour is perfectly integrated into the mane. Could something like this be improved? Yes, with the Color Fusion technique.

Fusion Color in Chestnut and Copper


This trend in hair coloring is a more updated version of balayage. What differentiates them is that with the Fusion technique three or more colors are applied to the hair. That makes the final result more natural than the initial balayage. The best thing is that when the hair starts to grow the roots do not look unsightly due to the many reflections in different dark and light tones. The different shades can be chosen individually so that they blend better with your mane. And this year 2019 this technique is causing furor especially in tones chocolate and copper.

If you decide on the Fusion Color you should choose shades similar to your base color combined with chestnut and copper in different intensities. In this way the result will be more harmonious and natural.

Coconut Toasted


It is a degraded blonde, very natural, which mixes cold and warm tones. The root remains intact, so the growth is not accused. There is no point where the clearest reflections begin, but it goes in an imperceptible progression. The color lightens until it reaches the tips where it reaches an impeccable blonde. The nuances of this type of blond resemble the color of toasted coconut, hence its name.

This trend in hair coloring is ideal if your natural base is brown or dark blonde, although you can make it whatever your natural color.

Intense Golden Ombré and Chocolate


It’s about time the Ombré took another step. If you like a degraded chestnut tree, opt for Ombré in chocolate tones that go as far as warm blonde, golden and shiny. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more subtle gradient you can opt for the same tones, but with the Sombré technique, which is similar to Ombré but with more blurred edges.

The degraded Ombré or Sombré are an excellent way to look a color that require little maintenance, without sacrificing a careful style at all times.

Ice Blonde


He’s a lighter blond than the platinum blond of a lifetime. It’s white as ice, but don’t mistake it for gray. If your natural hair is very dark it is difficult to achieve this blonde tone because it is necessary to bleach the hair completely. And the hair damaged by discoloration loses its shine and beauty. Trust your trusted hairdresser or colorist before deciding on such a drastic hair color. It is not recommended for very dry hair with a tendency to curl. Also, if you have very fine, brittle hair, this type of coloring can do you a lot of harm. But if you have strong, healthy hair, go ahead!

This hair color is still the favorite of celebrities and everything indicates that it will continue to be.

Pink Gold


This is the most in color of this season. You can choose to dye all your hair Rose Gold or just a few degraded highlights. If you decide for the second option, the Balayage technique is ideal to give more naturalness to this color.

The difference between pink gold and other shades of pink is that with rose gold it is difficult to tell if it is pink or if it is pastel orange. That nuance gives it a special elegance, so the result is nothing extravagant.

Jet Black


Black has not lost ground either, but the key is to take it to the extreme, to jet black. It’s a color that conveys mystery and depth. Women with jet black hair are considered strong, determined, self-confident women. That’s why we all, at some point in our lives, dare to dye our hair with a black jet hair dye.

The condition for wearing it this year 2019 is that it shines. You should see healthy, shiny hair that attracts everyone’s attention. The 2019 Jet Black is not matte, like the gothic black color. Rather it is a Black Ink, which stands out for its spectacular brightness.

To achieve the fashionable black color you must have healthy hair . If necessary, ask your stylist for help, he or she can recommend a professional treatment or gloss bath that will give you what you are looking for.

Dark aubergine


For some years now we have been seeing how different shades of violet hair dyes have become popular. But since last year this trend has evolved to excellence: the dark eggplant. It’s the darkest version of violet. It is an elegant, glamorous, mystical, sexy and flattering color. It also suits all skin types, whether light or dark.

Whatever your natural hair color, your professional colorist can help you get this hair color. Just let him guide you.

Platinum Blonde


A little lighter than silver grey. It’s not a color that favors all women, but it suits those with fair skin. Tinted with lilac is spectacular. It requires proper care and maintenance so that it does not become a strawy, dehydrated mane. If you know how to take care of it, and what you want is to attract all eyes, dare with the platinum blonde.



Blorange is a very light shade of copper, which dances between blond and orange. Until now we were used to seeing intense copper and all the hair of the same color, but such intense tonality could harden the features too much. However, the key to Blorange is that the color is not uniform, but with a somewhat worn effect. It is an ideal color and very flattering for those who have light skin, because it sweetens and gives them light. If your natural hair is very dark this hair coloration could be difficult to achieve, because the hair must be bleached first. However, if you’re determined to try it, it’s best to put yourself in the hands of an experienced colorist. Guide yourself by the criterion of a professional, because it is the most indicated to tell you if the Blorange color is possible in your case, and how to achieve it.

Living Coral


Coral color is fashionable in clothing, accessories and now even in hair. It is considered one of the most beautiful hair colors that exist. It is similar to the color copper but much more luminous. It sweetens the face a lot and conveys a message of joy and positivity.

Mixed with the lilac color is very youthful and overwhelming.

Its great advantage is that it favors any skin color. So if you feel bold and want to have fun, maybe Living Coral is for you.



Grey stays the same. It has been the sensation for a few years and 2019 will not lose prominence. You’ll see it in unicolored manes as well as in subtones or highlights, mixed with pink, blond or lilac tones. This hair colour especially favours fair-skinned people. And it is preferable that it is applied on hair with a natural light color, because in dark natural hair it is difficult to reach the desired shade of gray.



The Bronde is very similar to the Balayage technique. However, unlike Balayage, which uses different shades of blondes, Bronde coloring combines brown tones of different intensities. It is ideal for brown-haired women who want to illuminate their hair without looking “too” blonde.



How to differentiate holographic hair from other multicoloured colours, such as Rainbow hair or Pastel hair? For its own name helps you to clarify the dilemma….Holographic hair must evoke the appearance of a Hologram.

Holographic hair has not lost fans this year 2019. However, we must recognize that it is a hair coloring only for the most daring.

What hair color do you stay with

What trend in hair coloring for 2019 do you like best? Will you decide for the most daring options, or do you prefer those that do not depart from the classic? Or perhaps you plan to try everything your hair allows? Even if you use 100% human hair extensions you can, with the help of a professional, give it the color you have chosen. The extensions of virgin hair are the most resistant to dyes or discolorations. But you do need to know how to take care of hair extensions to give them the care they need. With proper maintenance they will last a long time, even if you have dyed them.

Our advice: Don’t waste your time thinking too much and make up your mind…..

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