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The Redhead is in fashion. Do you feel up to it?

Red color invades Hollywood TVs and movies. From singers like Lana del Rey to actresses like Scarlett Johansson, they wear their red hair.

Natural redhead


What was a stigma in the past has become a fashionable color. But the reality is that only a small percentage of the world’s population enjoys this natural hair tone. This is why sales of dyes of this colour have increased in recent years.

A redheaded woman is linked to a bold, naughty, determined and audacious personality. They tend to be passionate, seductive and self-confident by attracting attention. They know they’re the exception and that makes them feel pretty. And they really are.


If you are a natural redhead, you know that you have to take good care of your hair so that it does not lose that special color. There are specific products for your hair type. At the same time you must be careful not to mistreat him. That’s why it’s best not to apply too much heat to it or wash it too often. This is because excessive washing can dry it out. It is also good to take into account the 10 tips to avoid damaging your hair with daily washing .

Red dyes and baths


Also try to use as little as possible heat tools such as irons and tweezers. Whenever you can, leave it with a natural look. Your hair will thank you.

Red-haired extensions

An intermediate solution is to put on red hair extensions, while wicking your own hair. This way the extensions would subtly mix with your hair.

You have interesting options: mahogany extensions reddish red hair and eggplant extensions , slightly pinker. You can also buy blond extensions and give her a reddish color bath that you like. What about red Californian highlights ? They’re beautiful. With them you will achieve that bold red tone, which is so fashionable, without having to dye your hair.

Do you encourage yourself?