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How to bleach virgin hair

How to bleach virgin hair? The virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically treated with perms, dyes, chemical straightening or discoloration. This term is often used when talking about hair extensions. Because virgin hair has never been treated, it is more expensive than other hair types. It is soft, in excellent shape and can be chemically treated even as extensions. If you have virgin hair and are considering bleaching it, keep in mind that you can severely damage it. If you still want to go ahead with the bleaching process we will help you do it the best way. It is relatively simple and can be done at home.


How to bleach virgin hair step by step

Things you’ll need

Discoloration kit
Plastic cap
Shampoo and Deep Conditioning Treatment


Use plastic or latex gloves. This will prevent your skin from burning during the bleaching process.

2. Tie an old towel around your neck to protect your skin and clothes. You should also put some old towels on the surrounding floor and in the sink to prevent staining.

3. Open your discoloration kit. You must have a bottle of bleach powder, a bottle of liquid hydrogen peroxide, a plastic container for the bleach, a brush to bleach the hair, and instructions.

Read the instructions completely before starting the procedure.

4. Pour the bleaching powder into the plastic container.

5. Add a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to the bleach. Stir the chemicals using the discoloration brush. Continue adding peroxide – slowly – until the bleach has the consistency of pancake paste. The bleach should not be liquid, but there should also be no dust lumps.

6. Immerse the brush in the bleach and apply it to your hair. Use the brush to apply the bleach until your entire head is covered.

7. Place a plastic cap over your head, and let the bleach work for the time indicated in the instructions. If at any time you begin to feel an uncomfortable burning sensation – a little tingling is normal – rinse the bleach immediately.

8. Rinse the bleach with lukewarm water after the indicated time has elapsed. Shampoo your hair, then apply a deep conditioning treatment. The latter is important to keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

Tips y Warnings

For best results seek the help of someone to bleach virgin hair. It’s better if he’s a professional, because that way he guarantees you an impeccable result.

If you want to avoid having to perform the process of discoloration you can choose to buy some very clear blond extensions and just give them a color bath without ammonia to achieve the tone you want.

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