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How to Wash Clip Extensions: Step by Step

Now that you have your NaisHair extensions and you are enjoying a spectacular mane, surely you have some questions: how to get the extensions to stay with the brightness, softness and healthy appearance of the first day? How to wash the extensions without damaging them?

What is the normal duration of extensions

The first thing you should know is how long the extensions last. On average, NaisHair extensions usually last between 8 and 12 months for our clients. We have customers who have used our extensions for more than 2 years although it is not really necessary to rush them so much. After 8 to 12 months you will have more than paid off your investment.

Why do Nais Hair extensions last twice as long as others? Because they are human hair extensions natural and Remy quality and Remy quality extensions really last this long. However, most of the hair sold is not Remy (even if you are told otherwise). Actually, non-Remy hair usually lasts between 3 and 6 months at most. If you want to learn more about Remy hair extensions read this article.

Human hair does not last forever

This is something you need to be clear about from the beginning. Nais Hair extensions are made from 100% natural hair and Remy. But that doesn’t mean they won’t go bad. Think about this. If your own hair breaks down when you don’t take care of it, how much more the hair extensions, which don’t get the nutrients and natural oils your own hair does.

How often to wash extensions

We recommend washing the extensions once or twice a week if they are fixed like adhesive or keratin or every 7 or 10 days if they are removable extensions like clip extensions . In case you have used hair products for molding or wavy you can wash more often. But always keep in mind that it is not necessary to wash the extensions as much as your own hair.

Step-by-step tutorial on how to wash extensions

Step 1: Brush your extensions


The first and perhaps one of the most important points is to brush the extensions before wetting them. This will help you to avoid tangling as much as possible during and after hair washing. Always remember to start brushing from the bottom up taking into account to eliminate any possible knot without sticking tugs to the hair. For this we recommend the special anti-strip brush for extensions .

Step 2: Prepare sink

Make sure the sink is clean, put the cap on it and start filling it with water at room temperature. It does not have to be hot or very cold water.


Add 2 or 3 coats of shampoo to the water and stir the water to make sure the shampoo spreads well. For your hair extensions we always recommend using alcohol-free and sulfate-free hair products. A neutral shampoo for colour-treated hair would be best.

Step 3: Put each piece in the water with shampoo

We recommend dividing your set of extensions into small bunches of hair that are more manageable to ensure that each piece of hair is washed well and homogeneously. If you go in a bit of a hurry you can also wash all the pieces together at once.


Get the hair from the top, soak and soak well in the water and begin to wash them carefully and gently tucking your fingers in to prevent tangling.


Once you have finished with that piece, place it on top of a towel and repeat the process with the rest of the hair pieces.

Step 4: Condition hair

This is a very important step that will help to nourish them and give them such a pleasant soft touch. Use a normal conditioner or an intensive treatment conditioner. Any of them can be worth.

Generously apply the conditioner to each piece of hair from top to bottom massaging the conditioner all over the hair.


In order for the conditioner to really penetrate and have its effect, we recommend that you let it act unhurriedly for up to an hour. If you could leave him all night, it’d be even better. In this case you can leave the hair inside a bathing cap to not waste the product and enhance its action.

After this time, all you have to do is rinse off any residue or remaining conditioner. It is recommended to rinse at least 10 seconds each piece of hair with cold water. Cold water will help the hair cuticle close and the result will be more shine and smoothness.


Step 5: Allow extensions to dry

Before drying your extensions make sure they don’t drip, and put them in the air to dry avoiding using the hair dryer as the heat dries and damages the hair. Place all layers or extension pieces separated from each other on top of a towel on a flat surface.


A trick that may be useful in this step is to add a little hair oil or serum that will give a touch of shine to the hair and will be super silky and soft.

Step 6: Brush each piece


Normally we do not recommend excessive brushing of the hair extensions when it is wet, but with a pass with a wide-tooth comb you can avoid small tangles . Then with a brush you can brush lightly from bottom to top.


Ready. There you go. In these 6 simple steps you will have your extensions clean. If you always follow this procedure with care and delicacy you will have your extensions in perfect condition for months and months.


P: do I need to wash them after I buy them

R: No, Nais Hair extensions are already cleaned, disinfected and ready to use.

P: Do I have to wash them after ripples to smooth them again

R: It’s an option, but really if you haven’t abused lacquers or sprays, it’s not really necessary. Instead of washing them you can wet the brush a little with a product such as serum or mask and brush. Remember not to abuse the temperature of the hair straightener. A low or medium temperature will suffice.

P: What products do you recommend to wash Nais Hair


R: For the care of the extensions we recommend always to use natural and organic products. Avoid aggressive chemicals that will unnecessarily shorten the life of your extensions.

So that you can see step by step the instructions that we have just given you, we recommend you to watch the following video:

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