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Placing Hair Wefts: Basic Steps

If you don’t like your current look and you’ve realized it’s time to make a style change, in this article I bring the best option for you: stitched curtain extensions. I’ll explain how to put hair curtains, step by step, so you can put them on yourself. It’s very simple, and you can also change the colors and give the texture you want.

If you don’t know them, the hair curtains are a set of strands of hair, natural or synthetic, joined together by a kind of band or stitch. Once placed it creates an effect of greater volume and length in the hair of the person who wears them

How to place hair curtains at home

Can be fixed in several different ways: with clips, sewn or with metal rings. Let’s see how the procedure is for each of them:

Ask yourself about how many curtains to use

Since you don’t have much experience with this, it’s important to make sure you have the right amount of curtains. That choice will depend not only on your tastes, but also on the condition of your hair. In other words, if you are looking for more volume, the most logical thing is to think that you will need more curtains. But first you need to ask yourself this question: will my hair bear the weight of three or four curtains?

Beauty is what is sought, but it should never be achieved at the expense of the health and physical integrity of the person. Therefore, we leave you with a guide that you can consider and contrast with your tastes and the opinion of an expert:

A curtain: recommended when you want to get volume. In order for it not to show, it should be, at most, between 5 and 7 cm longer than your hair.
Two curtains: they are used only to increase the length of the hair by 20 cm
Three curtains: ideal for extending about 30 cm in length.
Four curtains: they are used to add to the hair about 40 cm long.
Five or more curtains: this type of work is done when the hair is very short and you are looking for a very abundant mane.

Use two mirrors and observe how you place your hair curtain

You may not be able to do all the work on your own, you may need some help. But if you decide to do it yourself, we recommend that you use two mirrors, one in front of you and the other behind. It’s not hard to understand. It’s like when they fix your hair at the hairdresser’s and when they finish they put a mirror behind you so you can see your hair from behind, reflected in the mirror in front of you. Well, the same way you can put on the extensions. So you can see unobstructed if you’re getting it right.

Tangle your hair very well


It’s a very important step to untangle your hair before putting the curtains on. This will allow you to separate the locks well when you make the divisions in your hair, without encountering knots or tangles.

Divide your hair horizontally

You know how many curtains you’re gonna put up? Assuming it’s only one, dividing the hair into two parts, perhaps from ear to ear, will suffice.

In case there are more curtains, make as many divisions as you want to place curtains. You can keep the different sections separate with hooks. That’ll make your job easier.

Begins with placement

Depending on the type of curtain you want to use, the procedure will vary slightly. Let’s see how it happens:

How to place hair curtains with clips or micro forceps


The curtain with micro tweezers is the easiest to put on. You can put it on and take it off whenever you want. In its upper band there are some clips sewn (from two to four, depending on the width of the curtain). They’re like little combs holding on to hair.

You can buy the hair curtain with the clips already in place. Or, if you prefer, you can buy the curtain and sew the clips yourself.

Taking into account that you will only work with one curtain, you will split the hair in two. Just below the stripe, near the root, place the combs or clips on your hair. Then you will have to put a little pressure on each comb against your head so that it can close. They’ll stay in place for as long as you want them on.

It is probable that you will have to pay attention and fix it eventually, but without a doubt it is the most practical curtain and the one that takes care of your hair the most.

How to place hair curtains with microchip


Microchip placement consists of a set of metal rings that fit with a pliers into several strands of hair that you will take from the split section. It doesn’t sound very simple, but when you see them you’ll realize that you’ll know how to put them on out of pure intuition.

This method consists of attaching the curtain with small rings (also known as staples) to a few small strands of your hair. Press with the pliers on each ring to attach a lock of your hair with a lock of curtain hair. In the video you can see below we show you how to place the extensions of rings or staples.

When you want to remove it, just tighten the rings on the side opposite to the one that was tightened to place them. It’s a very safe form of placement.

Remember, we’re assuming you’re just gonna put on a curtain. If so, as soon as you’ve finished putting it in, you can lower the remaining section of hair and comb naturally.

In case of placing several curtains, the process will be the same, and you will repeat it in each section of hair that you open.

How to place sewn hair curtains


The sewn hair curtain generates a little more work than the previous ones, since, in each division that is made it is necessary to take many locks of hair and tie each one of them, either with the same thread, staples or some elastic band, and once you have done it, you will have to place the curtain in the position you want. Then he takes needle and thread and begins to weave or sew the curtain exactly into the locks you tied in the layer below.

Another way you can sew it is by making a thin braid with your hair in every division you make. The braid must be horizontal, from one side of the head to the other. And once you’ve done that, you’ll have to place the curtain over the braid. With the needle and the thread she sews the curtain to the braid. The results are fabulous and long-lasting.

If you want to avoid inconveniences when removing it, ask a friend to help you. Since you use a small scissors to cut the thread, it’s best to have someone help you so you don’t inadvertently cut your hair.

Apply a dye if necessary

If necessary apply a dye after the placement of the curtain. That will unify the colors and give more naturalness. You can do that when you put on curtains of natural hair but not if you use synthetic hair.

Give it the texture you want

If it’s necessary to cut your new hair to give it shape and style, do it. You may also want to straighten all of your hair or wave it. You can do it without any inconvenience. Doing so will unify your original hair with the curtain, which will prevent the difference from being perceived.

An infallible trick to disguise the extensions

An excellent technique that many women apply when they have short and abundant hair is to split their hair into two parts, from ear to ear, and collect the bottom half of their hair into a braid or an onion. In this way they will be able to decrease a large part of the volume.

So, where do you put the hair curtains? Well, in the part of the hair that is on top of that bow that you made you will make all the divisions according to the amount of curtains that you want to place.

Well, you know how to put hair curtains with different methods. All you have to do is choose the installation system you prefer and follow the steps detailed here.

Doing this procedure will allow you to have longer hair, without noticing the difference between the curtain and your original hair. And you’ll make sure the amount of hair you see isn’t huge.

I know it sounds strange, but the results are fantastic, so go for it.

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