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Placing Invisible Hair Extensions

Invisible Hair Extensions. Tissues or hair extensions are usually attached to the hair by sewing or gluing. But wefts can also be attached to the hair with double-sided tape . These types of tracks are known as Invisi-Track or InvisaTrack, because the extension seems to fuse perfectly with the hair. This method attaches the hair curtains to the hair with a clear ribbon, allowing them to go more unnoticed than with other joining methods. Before incorporating these types of clues into your hair, make sure it is washed and completely dry.

How to place invisible hair extensions

Things You’ll Need

Tape for track
InvisaTrack Extensions


Comb the hair completely.
Choose a location to insert the first track. You can insert the track anywhere on your head. It’s more convenient to work from the back of the scalp up.
Divide the hair, either horizontally or vertically, where you want to place the clue.
Stick the double-sided tape into the division. The tape actually sticks to the hair, not to the scalp exposed by the split. Stick the tape right underneath the division. If you’re placing it along a vertical division, place the tape on the side of the division from where you want the track to extend.
Cut with a pair of scissors any excess tape that protrudes beyond the length of the division.
Remove the white paper strip from the ribbon once it is in place. When you’ve removed the paper, stick the clue to the tape.
Place the track along the tape. Smooth the track over the tape with a firm finger.
Use scissors to cut any excess track that extends beyond the width you need.
Use a straightener to straighten your own hair along with the curtain track. Not only will this help your own hair look as straight as the woven tracks, but the heat will also unite and mix both types of hair. But avoid placing the plate on the track right where the tape is located.


As you could see, this positioning system is very simple and fast. It is also very comfortable to wear, even to sleep. If you are a person who needs absolute comfort in order to fall asleep, invisible hair extensions are for you.

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