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The best way to remove hair adhesive glue

Do you want to remove the extensions or the hairpiece and realize that removing the glue is proving more difficult than you thought? Don’t despair. We’re here to help you. Let’s tell you the best way to remove the hair glue.


Hair glue is used to attach hair extensions and other natural hairposts to the head. If you use extensions , glue is an alternative to knitting hair and makes extensions less noticeable.

Hair glue isn’t as strong as superglue, but it’s strong enough to keep hairpieces from falling out. When it’s time to remove the glue from your hair, you have several options.

We show you the best way to remove the hair glue

After carefully analyzing the best way to remove the hair glue we have come to the conclusion that there are three methods that have proven to be the most effective. And with all our affection we will share them with you.


1. Products Glues Remover

Glue remover solutions work to a certain degree, but they don’t always remove all the glue if it’s not done properly. If you use a solution, remove all glued hair from the rest of your hair to the best of your ability and apply the solution directly to the area with glue. Rub the glue on the hair with your fingers until you feel it begin to separate. Then slowly pull on the extensions until they are free of your hair. Remove excess glue from your natural hair with a fine-tooth comb. Then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner to remove the solution.

To finish loosening the bits of glue that may have been left is good that you put a generous amount of conditioner. After leaving it on for a few minutes, comb it with a fine-toothed comb before rinsing the conditioner. Once this is done, rinse with lukewarm water.


Shampoos are available to remove glue from hair. Shampoos work much like remover solutions, but glue residues are more likely to remain.

2. Conditioner

The conditioner will remove the hair glue. Wash your hair normally with a detangling shampoo and warm water to loosen the glue. Apply a deep conditioner to your hair and leave on for several minutes. Once it has remained in the hair for a while, rinse and remove the extensions carefully.

When the extensions have been removed, run a fine-tooth comb through the hair to remove any remaining glue. Repeat the process, if necessary.

3. Oil

You can also remove the hair glue with oil. Wash your hair as usual. Apply a natural oil such as olive oil or orange essential oil. Heat oil using hair dryer for one minute at medium temperature, not hot. Pull the extensions slowly. Use a comb to remove the bits of glue, and wash your hair again to remove the oil.

Whether with conditioner or oil, clean the comb so that the residue does not return to your hair. It also cleans the extensions, before using them again.

Whichever solution you decide to use, it is recommended that you watch the following video. In it you can clearly see the best way to remove the hair glue from the extensions. You can use the same technique and remove the extensions successfully.

As you could see, with a little patience it’s not that hard. Just remember, “skill is better than strength.”

Have you discovered any other effective method to remove the glue from the extensions? If so, share it with us. You can write your experience below, in the comments.

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